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There is a wonderful e-mail list, where the subject is the icelandic horse, which is open to everyone, and we are lovers of free speach.  We discuss various aspects about the icelandic horse, learn a lot, tell fun stories, do not censor each other but this is a friendly community and everyone is asked to be polite.  The people on the list are from all over the world.The name of the list is:

IcehorsesworldwideIf you want to subscribe, click on the button here below.

There can be 10-35 e-mails per day, and if you find that a bit overwhelming, subscribe to the Daily Digest form where all the e-mails are put into 1-2 e-mails per day (which is much quicker to scan).

If you want to see all attachments (mainly pictures) that people send, you can not see them on the digest form and have to subscribe to the standard, Individual E-mails form.

If you want to unsubscribe, you simply go back to the webpage where you subscribed, log in under your e-mail, and tick on “unsubscribe”.


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It is fun discussing and sharing experiences with our good friends.
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