Are you looking for a special kind of horse?  Sired by a certain stallion, or having some special qualities?  Feel free to contact us, we might know about where to find it.

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Ernir from Langhúsum.


Meaning of name:  Eagle-hero.


Age:  Born 2012
Color: Bay (brun / jarpur).


A young excellent riding horse prospect, with a very raised neck and he’ll tolt like flying the wind and with lots of footlift, with these parents.  Boarding untill he’s half year old is included in the price, and some basic training (leading, being tied, being longed, being trailer loaded) is included in the price.


Father: IS2007157006 – Hvítserkur frá Sauðárkróki (Hvítserkur was evaluated the other day, 5 years old, with 8.07 in main score, three 9´s in the talent scores (f.ex. 9 for tolt), 8.26 for conformation, and he’s got flying pace to show later. )


Mother: Elísa from Langhúsum (evaluated with 7.68, and 8 for tolt).


Price in the summer 2012:  200.000 isk (1200 EUR) (1500 $).