The characteristics of the icelandic horse

The smooth and fast tolt. Dagfari from Sogni

A proud owner and a smiling horse, in the evening sun, what can be better? This is J�n Helgi, a little 5 yo relative of ours, on the mare Bl��a.

Traveling for days in the highlands. Every rider has 2-3 horses

The Icelandic horses are courageous in water when they’ve gotten used to it. �-Britt Ingrid H. Grimnes

Tumi and Elgur playing. It’s okay, they rarely hurt each other, it’s just playing, finding their rank in the herd, and part of a natural herd behaviour.
�-Chantal Jounkergouw

Hiihaa, this one is in heat!!

It is fun being in a herd. This is at Langh�s.

Pace racing.

The stallion Gar�ur from Litla-Gar�i driven.


This horse likes dogs.


A kid in gymkhana. Dagur from Langh�sum, in Denmark.

John Parke and the Icelandic horse Remington in Shakespeare, New Mexico at the finish of the 285 mi. Renegade 5 Day Ride. Remington reached then the 3.000 mile mark. Icies are terrific endurance horses.
�-John Parke.

Competing in the showring, doing a smooth t�lt, on a horse well trained horse in a good mood, with superb movements. That is joy. Hallmar from Vatnsleysu.
�-Ragnar Eir�ksson.