Us at Langhús

Us at Langhús

We are two families living at Langhús.They are me (Arnþrúður Heimisdóttir, aka Lukka), my husband (Þorlákur Sigurbjörnsson, aka Láki), our son Heimir Sindri Þorláksson (born 1999), and our son Orri Sigurbjörn Þorláksson (born 2006).

There are also Láki’s father (Sigurbjörn Þorleifsson, aka Bjössi), and Láki’s mother (Bryndís Alfreðsdóttir, aka Dísa).

There are also often 1 or 2 people working on our farm, so we are a good group of people on the farm.

For fun, see the traditional Icelandic naming traditions in a nutshell there.  We do usually not use family names, but are named after our fathers, and babies often get the first names after loved people in the family.  Ladies keep their sirname for life, nobody’s name is changed because of marriage.  To explain better:  My father’s name is Heimir, so I have “Heimis-daughter” as a sirname.  My father in law’s name is Sigurbjörn, so my husband has “Sigurbjörns-son” as sirname.  Our sons have their grandfathers names (Heimir and Orri) and their father’s name as sirname (Þorláks-son).

Arnþrúður Heimisdóttir (Lukka)

I love horses, and all other animals.

I work running the service here on the web, and as a school teacher in the primary school here in the neighbourhood.  A big part of my life also goes into training horses, working with all sorts of chores on the farm, and giving our sons the best upbringing possible.

I graduated from the Hólar farming and horsemanship school in 1995.  I have a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture, from the University at Hvanneyri, and also a university degree as a teacher. I am also a member of the FT (trainer’s association, also known as the Blue jackets), but a very strict exam has to be passed to be allowed participation in FT.

Among my big interests in life is breeding wonderful and talented horses, training supple horses based on dressage and gentle methods, trekking on horseback in the summertime, reading books, computer technique, colors and friendlyness in animals, educating my children, children education in general, dog shows, biology and new technique, and spending time with my family.

Þorlákur Sigurbjörnsson (Láki)

Láki graduated from the farmer and horse trainers school at Hólar in 1993.  He worked for several years as a horse trainer, but is now running the dairy farm at Langhús.

Láki is a very dedicated farmer, and has been making a big progress everywhere in Langhús.  The milk yield is rising, the cows are healthy, the stable inventory has been renewed dramatically in 2005 and 2006, he is renewing hayfields and barley fields, and breeding cows with excellent pedigree.

Among his big interests in life is young horse training (starting under saddle), breeding quality horses and cows, birds, ringmarking birds, stray birds, biology, thrillers (books and movies), the family, and new trends in farming.

Sigurbjörn Þorleifsson (Bjössi)

Sigurbjörn. Bjössi has been riding and training horses for the last 60 years. He has been very successful at shows, and is open to new ideas. Horses are his primary interest, and running a good farm. He is also in all sorts of committee’s, including the one directing the Horse breeder’s association in Skagafjörður.
Training has changed a lot in the last decades, but that is what Bjössi feels is fun.  He’s always learning and learning, and is much more advanced in thought and riding than many much younger trainers.  He builds his training a lot on dressage, and simply on cooperating with the horse, through gentleness and patience one can accomplish everything.

Bryndís Alfreðsdóttir (Dísa)

Dísa has been a farmer for over 4 decades now, with Bjössi, and done a great job at it.  Being a mother of 4 children, and now a grandmother of 11 children, she’s had many small feet and faces running around her in her life, and is loved and treasured by them all.Dísa is a talented knitter, and works extra on doing beautiful handcraft by knitting, f.ex. the Icelandic sweaters.  She runs the kitchen in our often very busy kitchen, and is an enthusiastic cook.  Other interests include gardening, growing plants of all kinds (indoors and outdoors), studying of various kinds, and photographing.

Heimir Sindri Þorláksson

Our little gem, Heimir, 9 months old on the picture. He was born on 14. december 1999, and is always smiling (exept if he’s sleepy).
And here he is, close to 2 year old – brought up on horseback.

Heimir and his beloved horse, Skíma:

Orri Sigurbjörn Þorláksson

We also have a little diamond, born 14. September 2005.  A happy boy that loves animals and playing with big brother.
His first word was “kis” (cat), and “miaau”, not mum or dad… the apple seems to fall close to the oak, and he shows big interest in animals and tractors.  It seems he won’t be bored in the future at Langhús.t

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