Our service (Your dream horse)

In short:  We run a service, people come and visit us, looking for their dream horse, and we help with the whole export process.

In our area, Skagafjordur, there are thousands of horses, and a few dozen very good breeding farms and training farms. We can take you to a group of farms, looking at maybe 20-30 handpicked horses (depending on what kind of horse(s) you are looking for) during 2-3 days, and it’s free for the horse buyer.  We have run this service since 1997, and built up a reputation and history for horse-knowledge, honesty, credibility and experience.  Our history of happy customers says it all.  And, people ask me all the time, isn’t export complicated?  But, export is easy, we help with the whole process.   It is easy to come to us, you can come with a bus, or take a domestic airplane to Akureyri or Sauðárkrókur (towns close to us), where we can fetch you.

Kátína from Langhúsum says "Hi".
Kátína from Langhúsum says “Hi”.

An example in a video about how I help people find their dream horse.

The video is made by a friend (that has bought a horse from me too), so take care to navigate back to my page, icelandichorse.is … but have fun looking at his page too, hestakaup.com

More detailed:  How can we help you with your dream horse, how can we be of service?


The customers that come to us have one common thing, they all like Icelandic horses.  But, in other respects, their taste, experience, time etc. is very different.  We have been building up our service for years now, and are in contact with a big number of people all over Skagafjörður, Iceland, and the world.  And, we pride ourselves in letting your dream come true.  Here are some of the things we do regularily for our customers, or can do:


There is a comfortable guest house very centrally in our area, Skagafjörður.  It fits perfectly if you come to us to stay for maybe 2-3 days to find your dream horse, because then we can go to dozens of farms in the neighborhood.  This guesthouse that has been giving my customers/guests a good home for the days they spend here is Mikligarður.  In the neighborhood, at Sauðárkrókur and more places in Skagafjörður, there are also all sorts of accommodation offered, both summer houses, a 4 star hotel, small guesthouses in villages or on farms, and more.


When a horse has been bought, there can be various reasons for the buyer wanting the horse to stay in Iceland for a longer time.  We are in cooperation with good farms that can take excellent care of your horse, raise your youngster, board your stallion, etc.


When a mare has been bought, there is often interest in breeding her and exporting her in foal with one of the great stallions that are in Iceland.  It can be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring their genes into your stock, and the prices for stud fees are probably a lot lower than in your country.  We can take care of having the mare bred, having a veterinarian ultrasound the mare etc.

Breeding evaluations.

When a mare has been bought, there can be various reasons for wishing to have her evaluated before she departs.  We can help you arrange for the mare being trained and shown by excellent trainers.


Lukka has travelled a lot to give clinics.  We are also in contact with very good, certified riding teachers, that can come to your area and hold a clinic or give riding lessons.  You can also come to Iceland, and take riding lessons, join a clinic, or have a clinic custom made for you or your croup, by a certified riding teacher.

Dream horses.

We are visited a lot by people that come to join us for a few days, and find their dream horse.  That can be approached in a few different ways, sometimes we collect a group of horses at Langhus that you can try out over a few days, sometimes we go between a small or big number of farms to try out different horses and find out which one is the best partner for you.  We are constantly looking for and trying out different horses in the area, and know about hundreds of horses that are for sale at any given time, much more than are ever put on the saleslist.  So, we might know about your dream horse, several that are prospects, or, given a bit of time, if possible, we will find it : )


We are in cooperation with an excellent exporter, Kristbjörg Eyvindsdóttir at Gunnar Arnarson’s export company.  We and her take care of the whole process of the export.  F.ex.  veterinary checking the horse, transporting the horse to Reykjavik, paperwork, flight, quarantine (applies to usa, there is no quarantine to Europe), etc.  The buyer just has to take care of paying for the horse, paying for the export, and having the horse fetced at the destination airport.  We can also help out finding a domestic transport in the other country, if nessesary. For updated information on prices, the export process, destination etc., feel free to send us an e-mail.  Importing a horse from Iceland is incredibly easy.


There are good farms in our area that do horse trekkings, and that can offer fun holidays for you, even custom made holidays.


For various reason, you might want your horse trained more.  We train, of course, but are also in contact with many excellent trainers, both great show trainers, and patient trainers that take care to prepare an excellent family horse, others that are interested in dressage, teaching a youngster basic handling etc. so that your horse is prepared in the best way to be your dream horse.


We can help you finding a fun trek to go on, there are hundreds of various trekkings offered by specialized farmers in Iceland, and an incredible number of fun trekkings done in the area of Skagafjörður each year, locally and into the highlands.


There can be several reasons for you wanting your horse transported to another part of the country (breeding to a certain stallion being a common reason), and we can do that or arrange for that being done.

In short…How can we be of service?