Horses sold from the saleslist on our webpage, in the year 2011-13:

Horses sold (or deleted for other reasons) from the Langhus farm saleslist lately.

Most of the sold horses are missing as they are from other farms/other owners, are sold by our service, but are picked by new owners without being listed on the website.  The horses listed here below were on the other hand owned by us, and sold by us. 


Veröld from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: The world.
Age: 6 (born 2007)
Color: Chestnut (fux / röd / rauð).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007258035.
Size: .

IS2007258035 – Veröld frá Langhúsum is 6 years old, has been started under saddle and ridden on the trail for a couple of months. Her father is IS2002158466 – Háttur frá Þúfum which is evaluated with 8.68 (8,61 for conformation and 8,73 for talents, with f.ex. 9 for tolt), he has been a top class competition horse in T2, 5-gait competition, and A-flokkur (5-gait gaedingakeppni). Her mother was 4-gaited with 7.57 in main score (was not trained a lot when she was evaluated). Her mother has had 2 older daughters that have been evaluated, and they were after stallions with just 8 in main score, but those mares (same mother) have 7.70 and 7.73 in main score. Verold has 108 in Blup. She has easy gaits, is smooth to ride on with good footlift, a very promising mare for competition and breeding evaluations.  Can be bred before export.



Hrönn IS2003258037 from Langhúsum. – Super experienced, well trained, a finished horse for all riders, easy and reliable for beginners and fun for experienced riders.

Meaning of name: Ocean wave.
Age: 10 (born 2003)
Color:  Chestnut (Fux/ röd / rauð).
Level: Beginners / novice riders / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2006257005.

Has been ridden extensively for 6 years, in very various circumstances, very courageous, experienced and easy.  Willing to please, has nice energy and works hard, but very easy to control.  Courageous under saddle.  Easy to catch, very friendly and comes to spend time with you if you’re near.  Loves to be brushed and pampered, good on the ground.  Very smooth and easy tolt and trot, has always been ridden as a 4-gaiter.  Fast to learn.  Knows the basic leg yielding and backing and other such flexion work.  Has done most things, and can adjust to most or all things horses do.  Nice competition horse, super family horse, fun to ride for experienced riders but has been good with inexperienced people too, totally controllable.  Very nice broodmare prospect, to breed talented horses that are easy to train and everybody loves.  Excellent riding school prospect for the ambitious riding school.  Trailer loads easily.  Excellent pedigree, with several of the most famous super breeding stallions in the history of the Icelandic horse in her pedigree..  Has splash white gene as a little icing on the cake.  Not bred, is in full training (can be bred before export).  Has been the main riding horse of her teenage owner, that has been learning about professional horsemanship for years on a farm where he helps out and keeps his horse (with his professional horse trainer relatives), he has taken her to countless riding lessons, has dong long horse trekkings on her, gone many times to competitions with nice results (4-gait), ridden several times in shows in a riding arena full of a cheering crowd, she’s been ridden a lot in a town of 1500 people, with a lot of traffic, dogs, running people, been ridden by the ocean and more.  And she just takes it all in a stride.  Blup 109.

So many people are looking for a good, easy, very experienced horse, that is safe and smooth and well trained.  Here she is :)  These horses are rarely for sale, this is a very interesting oppurtunity.

Sire (father): IS1995135993 – Hróður frá Refsstöðum (Evaluated 1. prize, 4-gaited with 8,69 for talents, 7,94 for conformation, 8,39 in main score, has honorary prize for offspring, a super famous stallion).

Dam (mother): IS1989265904 – Dögg frá Halldórsstöðum (daughter of Hervar from Sauðárkróki).

Video 1 (gait demo with her teenage owner )  

Video 2 (showing her easy going temperament)

Ylur from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: Warmth, cosy heat.
Age: 6 years old (born 2006)
Color: Black (svart/sort/brúnn).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders, prospect for a very easy horse/beginner horse, for the family or a trekking farm.
Registration number: IS2006158036.
Size: 140 cm (between 13.3 and 14 hands).

Has been ridden for ca. 12 months on the trail.  Has been very easy to train.  He is willing to please, courageous and has easy gaits.  Used to being ridden alone and in company, has gone trekking in a huge group (40 riders and 170 horses) and behaved superbly.  Tolts and trots easily.  The trot is groundcovering and pretty.  The tolt is smooth, in clean beat and pretty.  Listens well, has learned some basic leg yielding and turning on the forehand.  Is likely to be 5-gaited when we think about the pedigree, the father is a 5-gait Landsmot (top competition) champion, and Ylur has flying pace, it is just not trained yet.  Trailer loads easily, good on the ground (calm and easy).    Easy to catch and friendly in pasture.   Ylur is an excellent family horse prospect, and can be trained as a 4-gaiter with easy tolt (that is how he has been ridden), or as a 5-gaiter if you want to have flying pace.  Strong, big, elegant, so an excellent prospect for a farm that does tours on horse back.  Used to dogs, children and more.  If he is ridden with horses that are his friends he is super courageous and a nice horse for a novice, if he is alone he is usually courageous but needs a bit more experience to be a beginner horse when alone.  This is a good time to buy him, it will be easy to give him more experienc, but when he is a bomb proof horse with trained flying pace, he will also become more expensive.  Can be ridden by most riders.  He is now simply one of our all-round working horses, goes for trekking, we pony horses from him, pony him when needed, we use him for guests, when the young horses need older relaxed company, etc., simply always when we need a steady hard working horse.

Sire (father): IS1993186930 – Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum (1. prize stallion with 8,36 in main score, 8,49 for talents, a Landsmót gæðingakeppni 5-gait winner).

Dam (mother): IS1995235617 – Harpa frá Neðri-Hrepp (an evaluated 2. prize mare).


Video of Ylur

IS2005158038 – Atlas frá Langhúsum

Meaning of name: Atlas.
Age: 7 (born 2005)
Color:  Black (svart, sort, brúnn).

Has been ridden for a couple of winters.  Excellent temperament, courageous and willing to please.  A very good prospect as a good riding horse with good temperament and cool footlift, a proud horse to look good on, good for demos and lighter shows.  Is 4-gaited with strong trot, takes time to develop the fast tolt but has good footlift instead and will become a very flashy horse.  Can be ridden by most riders, is mostly trained by our 12 year old son now.

Sire: IS1999158519 – Heimir frá Vatnsleysu ( a talented stallion with good footlift and good competition pedigree).
Dam: IS1991258455 – Yrpa frá Enni (a very nice broodmare that has thrown excellent fun riding horses).

Videos and more information about his father.

Paradís from Sauðárkróki.

Meaning of name: Paradice.
Age: 6 (born 2006)
Color: Black pinto (Svartskäck / sortbroget / brúnskjótt).
Level: Some novice riders / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2006257005.

Has been ridden for a few months.  Willing to please, has nice energy and works hard, but very easy to control.  Courageous under saddle.  Is a bit shy in pasture, but can be caught.  Loves to be brushed and pampered, good on the ground.  Very smooth and easy tolt and trot, tolt is first choice of gait.  Fast to learn.  Knows some basic leg yielding and backing.  Super family prospect or riding school prospect, will be an excellent beginner horse when she’s more experienced, but hard working and fun for the experienced rider too.  Trailer loads easily.  Excellent pedigree.  Has ink spots and two pinto parents so she should be homozygous for pinto, which means all her offspring will be pinto.  Has 108 in BLUP.  Bred and ultrasounded in foal to Þórálfur IS2009101167 from Prestsbæ, which has 125 in BLUP, and is after Álfur from Selfossi and Þoka from Hólum.

Sire (father): Þristur IS1998186906 frm Feti (Evaluated, 4-gated with 8,35 for talents, 8,14 for conformation, 8,27 in main score, has honorary prize for offspring).

Dam (mother): Hetta IS1991257006 from Sauðárkróki.

1. prize stallion prospect:

Aron from Langhúsum.

Age:  Born 2012)
Color: Bay pinto, propably splash carrier (brun skåck / brun broget / jarpskjóttur), possibly homozygous pinto as both parents are pinto (and then all his offspring will be pinto).

Beautiful youngster that has good movements and conformation, and the pedigree to be a 1. prize prospect for the future.  Price includes boarding untill January 2013, halter training, training to be led and longed, to have feet clipped, and be trailer loaded and just to have a good relationship with people.  An incredible number of stars in the pedigree, like IS1986186055 – Orri frá Þúfu, IS1968157460 – Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, IS1981187020 – Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I, IS1973135980 – Gáski frá Hofsstöðum.

The father of the foal is IS2002187662 – Álfur frá Selfossi , which is pinto with splash, evaluated with 8,46 in main score, 8,11 for conformation, 8,69 for talents, 9,5 for tolt, 9,0 for trot etc.  Álfur is only 10 years 0ld and has already had 13 1. prize offspring which is an extremely rare achievement.  Álfur has 127 in BLUP.

The mother of the foal is IS1995236519 – Glaðning frá Stangarholti , which is grey + bay pinto.  She is evaluated with 7.93 in main score, 7,79 for conformation and 8,02 for talents, even though she’s 4-gaited, she’s got 8.5 for tolt and 8.5 for trot.  She has one evaluated offspring, which is a 1. prize mare.

Sæla from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: Joy, happiness, bliss.
Age: 8 (born 2004)
Color: Grey, born black with blaze (skimmel / grå / grá).
Level: Novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2004258037.
Size: 132 cm (13 hands).

Sæla is in short, an experienced, courageous, talented mare with clear and easy gaits.  She really likes to please, has good energy and go but listens very well, is fast to go with a super stop.  She is very courageous, and very experienced, has been ridden a lot in a busy village, in traffic, in clinics in a riding arena, trekking in the mountains, in trekking grouprides with 50-130 horses (most of them running loose), on the evaluation track, in riding lessons, ponying several horses etc.  She has been ridden a lot by an eleven year old kid, and by 180 cm. tall adults, she’s good for everybody that likes energetic horses and is used to them, and she’s so courageous and experienced, she can be trusted in very variable environment.  She has always been easy to ride and train.  She is friendly in pasture, easy to catch, perfect on the ground, used to children and dogs and other horses and bunnies on the stable floor, is always safe and nice.  Trailer loads easily, easy to bath.  She has been ridden a lot for 4 years, for ca. 8 months per year.

Her gaits are push button easy.  Her favorite gait is the tolt, super smooth, with good speed range, nice footlift, totally clear beat, big steps, she’s evaluated with 8 for tolt.  Her trot is with good speed speed range and looks good, crystal clear beat, smooth to sit on, she’s evaluated with 8 for trot.  Her flying pace has nice speed and is very easy to get, but does not mix with the other gaits at all, and there are no problems with the flying pace, she’s got 7.5 for flying pace.  She can be ridden as a 4-gaiter or as a 5-gaiter, depending on taste, because the gaits do not mix at all.  The canter and gallop have good beat and speed, it’s good to sit on it.  She has a nice walk with a good beat and it’s ground covering.

She has got basic dressage, that is, she bends well in the poll, backs, leg yields, turns on the forehand, turns on the hind.  She’s soft in the mouth and listens well to the bit.

She’s a super prospects for various things.  She’s hard working and loves long rides.  She’d be a very nice broodmare, to get excellent riding horses from, or if bred to highly evaluated stallions, she could throw good competition horses, either 4 or 5 gaited.  She can be bred before export.  She’s super for somebody that wants a talented horse to take to clinics, demos, long rides, or other places where you need a reliable, easy, flashy horse.  She can learn a lot more, but if you are looking for a finished horse, she is simply ready.

Sire (father):  IS1988165895 – Gustur frá Hóli (Evaluated with 9,01 for talents, 8,13 for conformation, 8,57 in main score) which has honorary prize for offspring, and is world famous for the huge good influence he has made on the Icelandic horse.

Dam (mother): IS1994257150 – Dúkka frá Sauðárkróki (Evaluated, 4-gaited, with 7,54 ).

Video of Sæla, with normal shoes and no added weighted boots… just going naturally.

Æska from Langhusum.

Meaning of name: Youth.
Age: 5 (born 2006)
Color: Black pinto (Svartskäck / sortbroget / brúnskjótt).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2006258035.

A wonderful minimal pinto mare. Both parents are evaluated, 4-gaited, with 8 / 8.5 / 9 for the basic gaits (tolt, trot, canter/gallop). Æska has good energy, loves to tolt but has easy tolt and trot, and is a nice fun riding horse for the experienced rider now.  She is 4-gaited with clear gaits and medium speed range.  She is friendly, easy to catch, trailer loads, good on the ground, used to running dogs on the trail and playing kids and animals in the horse stable.  A nice breeding prospect and can be bred before export.

Sire (father): Gammur IS1996156290 from Steinnesi (4-gaited, evaluated with 8,03 in main score, 9 for tolt and 9 for trot).

Dam (mother): Dúkka IS1994257150 from Sauðárkróki (Evaluated with 7,54).

IS2009258036 – Folda frá Langhúsum


Age:  2 year old (born 2009).

Color:  Silver dapple (vindott, móvindótt, silversvart).

Gaits:  Propably 4-gaited.

Meaning of name:  Mother Earth.

Folda loves to tolt but does both tolt and trot.  Moves with good footlift and raised neck, is a proud and promising young horse.  The mother is a good riding horse, 4-gaited with a good temperament.  The father is a promising young stallion of an excellent pedigree (1. prize parents with top competition record).

Father: IS2004182456 – Friður frá Halakoti 

Mother:  IS2003258778 – Feykivinda frá Syðstu-Grund

Video from the day when Friður, the father, was evaluated

The photos show her newborn, and then when she’s 1 year old.
Nice footlift and reaches well with legs.  

Feykivinda from Syðstu-Grund.

Meaning of name: Whirlwind.
Age: 8 (born 2003)
Color: Silver dapple + blue dun (silversvart + musblack/ vindott + musblak / móvindótt + móálótt).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders, a beginner horse prospect.
Registration number: IS2003258778
Size: Ca. 138 cm.

Has been started under saddle in a paddock, and we liked her so well that we put her soon into our band of broodmares.  She has excellent temperament, was very quick to learn and willing to please.  Soft in the mouth, stops and goes easily.  Tolts and trots, has a nice speed range and average footlift.  The tolt is smooth with clean beat, the trot is smooth and ground covering.  She is very green, so she’s available for a bargain price, but it will be easy to continue with her training, or simply use her as an excellent broodmare for breeding very good and colorful riding horses.  She’s thrown very pretty offspring with nice talents, so she’s proven herself as a broodmare.  We’re very happy with her, but have to cut down the number of broodmares a bit, so she’s for sale.  She trailer loads easily, it’s easy to clip hooves and take care of her.  She didn’t learn to be caught as a baby by her breeder, so she’s a bit shy, but her offspring are very friendly, and she’s very easy to halter if she’s cornered, and then she’s so nice and calm.  She’s been very fertile, gets in foal very easily.  She is in foal but it’s too late to export her before the foaling, so the foal isn’t included, but we can include in the sale a breeding to two stallions that we have parts in, one of them is blue dun pinto (young but of very good pedigree, a 1. prize prospect), the other one is a super highly valuated chestnut.   Feykivinda’s color is very special, she has this silvery shine all over her body, that is because the silver dapple gene is making her mane and tail silvery white and the body light, but the blue dun gene is making her body silvery blue and her head a tiny bit darker.  This is very beautiful, but makes her also a wonderful mare to throw colorful foals, because she throws both silver dapples and blue duns.

Sire (father): Svalur IS1984157019 from Kárastöðum.
Dam (mother): Stína IS1987257781 from Syðstu-Grund.

IS2006187225 – Árvakur frá Hoftúni

Meaning of name: There are various meanings:  Somebody that is full of attention, and somebody that is an early riser.  It is also a millennium old myth, about a mythological stallion who pulls the sun over the sky.
Age: 4 (born 2006)
Color: Chestunut pinto (fux-skäck/rauð-skjótt/röd-broget).

An exellent pedigree (with Kolfinnur from Kjarnholtum, Hrafn from Holtsmúla, and Gáski from Hofsstöðum in the pedigree), a very promising competition horse, and a very popular color. Has had had all basic handling, trailer loads, has been shod, carried saddle, longes and such.   Has excellent footlift and lots of aura.

Sire: IS1997187506 – Glymur frá Skeiðháholti 3 (1. prize stallion).
Dam: IS1995236519 – Glaðning frá Stangarholti (7.93 in main score, 8.02 for talents).



Video of Árvakur 14.júní 2010

IS2004158038 – Bónus frá Langhúsum
Meaning of name: A bonus, a good thing happening.
Age: 5 (born 2004)
Color: Black (Svart/sort/brúnn).
Gaits: 4 gaited.
 Has been ridden for a few months, and been very easy to train. Trailer loads easily, lifts feet, easy to shoe, easy to catch.  Has been easy to train, good temperament, friendly in pasture.  Father is a very successful show and competititon horse, and there are a lot of famous stallions in Bónus’s pedigree (Hrafn, Orri, Ófeigur, Hervar, and more).  Excellent prospect for a family riding horse and for club competition.  A-registered and microchipped. Good footlift and flashy movements, good speed range.  We need to start some young horses under but don’t have the time, so he is available right now for an excellent price.
Sire: IS1997187053 – Goði frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (1. prize stallion).
Dam: IS1991258455 – Yrpa frá Enni.
IS2005158036 – Hvellur frá Langhúsum
Meaning of name: Explosion sound, fast as a bullet.
Age: 5 (born 2005)
Color: Black (Svart/sort/brúnn).
Gaits: 4 gaited.

Has been ridden in the paddock, and is starting to be ridden on the trail (written in June 2010), and been very easy to train. Excellent temperament, very quick to learn, calm, willing to please, willing to move, and is athletic.  Trailer loads easily, lifts feet, easy to shoe, easy to catch.  Friendly in pasture.  Father is one of the most popular stallions in Iceland now, throws super offspring.  Mother was a good competition horse.  Excellent prospect for a family riding horse and for club competition.  A-registered and microchipped. Excellent footlift all the time and flashy movements, good speed range, loves to tolt, has easy tolt and trot.

Sire: IS1994184553 – Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu (4-gaited 1. prize stallion with 8,25 in main score, and 9 for all things in talents, exept flying pace).
Dam: IS1994257150 – Dúkka frá Sauðárkróki (evaluated with 7.54).

Pictures coming up, available upon request.


Blákápa frá Ytra-Skörðugili

Meaning of name:  Blakapa, Blue Coat (it is a name from a wonderful and old Icelandic fairy tale, Himinbjargar saga).
Age: 9 (born 2002)
Color: Black pinto (svart skäck / sort broget / brunskjott).
Level: Novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2002257552.

Very courageous and safe, likes to go, has good energy, and thinks the most fun gait and speed at all are a brisk tolt.  Is ridden a lot by my 10 year old son, and has done well with inexperienced riders, that like a courageous horse with good speed, a fast horse that will not spook.  So, she is not for every novice rider, but many novice riders absolutely love her, because she is so safe, forgiving, and stops well too.  She has very good speed range in all gaits and moves easily in all 5 gaits.  She has been used a lot as a trekking horse and horse for novice rides (teenagers), with success, but she is a super horse for somebody that is a bit experienced, loves fast horses (especiall flying pace horses) with good temperament, but wants a horse that is as bomb proof as a horse can be.  The tolt is very easy to get, she likes tolting, has a good speed range, is pacy for inexperienced riders, but if you ask her to “give” (bend a bit in the poll) the tolt clears up, will tolt easily in slow tolt if she is not ridden in it all the time (as she prefers fasterer tolt), has medium foot lift in tolt, and it is average smooth to sit on.  The trot is easy to ask for, she has very good speed range, clear beat, average footlift, average smooth to sit on, simply a very good trot.    The walk is smooth and relaxed, good walk.   She has a nice canter/gallop, has not been trained much in slow canter.  Trailer loads perfectly.  Easy to catch, and friendly in pasture.  Good on the ground, loves grooming, is used to kids, dogs and everything running under her feet, very patient with kids crawling up, saddling her etc.  She has learned some basic flexion exersises (leg yielding and such), and they do her good, but she was not started well under saddle, has a tendency to stiffen in the poll against such exersises, so they are easy to get for an experienced rider, but she is not a good lesson horse to teach beginners flexion exersises, she will try to do the exersises wrong with them.  The color is excellent, black pinto with good markings and with a funny blaze, beautiful color.  This is a big mare too, strong and used to long trekkings and hard work, she just gets better from more work.  She is though always with similar temperament, does not mind getting some days off, or going into heat, she’s a good girl.  She has good pedigree, and with all her good qualities she is a great breeding prospect, to get athletic, talented, pretty, colorful and courageous horses.  She is experienced, has been ridden for a few years, in all sorts of environments, in an area with about 20 stables (where there is traffic, not fast, but lots of it, there are people and dogs and riders everywhere, and fast traffic on a road 20 meters from the riding trail), in clinics, and all sorts of nature areas.  She is not ridden on stiff reins, we ask her to bend in the poll (neck) and then ride her on almost loose reins after that.  Can be bred before export to any stallion of your choice (paid by buyer), and we can include a stud fee (for free) to a very highly evaluated stallion that we own a share in, or to a very colorful young stallion that we can breed to this summer.   Good club competition prospect.

Sire (father): Hilmir IS1992157001 from Sauðárkróki (Evaluated with 8.41 for talents, 8.28 for conformation, 8.34 in main score, a very successful 5-gait competition horse).
Dam (mother): IS1993257557 Stjarna frá Ytra-Skörðugili II (Evaluated with 7.82 in main score).