Young mares

Peace. Are you looking for a special kind of horse?  Sired by a certain stallion, or having some special qualities?  Feel free to contact us, we might know about where to find it.EXPORT is easy, and we help with the whole process.


H IS2012258037 – Prýði frá Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: Pride, decoration, flourish.
Age: 3 (born 2012)
Color: Silver dapple (svart vindott /sort vindott / móvindótt.
Registration number: IS2012258037.

Excellent temperament, friendly, yet respectul.  Was easy to train for basic handling.  Tolts and trots.  Good on the ground, can be combed, tied, led, longed, trailer loaded, lifts feet for trimming.  Can be bred this summer.  110 in BLUP.

Sire (father): IS2006156956 – Kompás frá Skagaströnd (Evaluated with 8.40 for talents, 8.46for conformation, 8.43 in main score).

Dam (mother): IS2002235578 – Svala frá Hvanneyri.

Price 800.000 isk (ca. 5400 EUR, ca. 6100 $).









IS2009258037 – Aska from Langhusum


Meaning of name: Ash (the black Icelandic volcanic ash).
Age: 6 (born 2009)
Color: Black (svart / sort / brúnn).
Registration number: IS2009258037.
Size: 140 cm (13.3 hands).


She is started a little under saddle, was easy to work with, fast to learn, willing to please, she has good energy and will be a hard working horse. She has the pedigree to become a good 4-gaited competition horse and excellent riding horse. She is friendly, loves to be combed, easy to work with feet, she’s a good girl.  Aska shows a lot of both tolt and trot.   Has learned this and that in work in hand, both to listen to the bit, to yield to the side both with shoulder and loin, and to back.  Leads, trailer loads, lifts feet and is easy to soe, can be body clipped, has been longed and ridden a lot in the paddock, and ridden some on the trail, but just for a couple of months because of lack of time.  We work a lot with horses in hand before we start riding them. Is willing to please and will have good energy.  Promising as a family horse, club competition horse, endurance horse and broodmare.  Can be bred before export.  We took the video in the fall when she was out of shape, and we’d put new gravel in the pen, so she does not tolt much there, but last summer she’d often tolt for 15-20 meters at a time when longed.  It’s a must-do thing on the list to take a new video of her.

Sire (father): IS1998187146 – Gjafar from Eyrarbakka (Evaluated with 8,33 for talents, 7,97 for conformation, 8,19 in main score, with 9 for tolt and 9 for trot, his father got 10 for tolt and 9 for trot).


Dam (mother):  IS1994257150 – Dúkka from Sauðárkróki (evaluated with 7.54, was not trained much then and could have gotten more, 4-gaited with 8 for tolt and trot, and 8.5 for canter/gallop and for temperament. She did several competitions, with good results, became 4th out of 25 horses in a top-division 4-gait competition in the area (just professional riders with high class horses), became “Best mare in show” in a big club competition with many horses competing (she was in tolt and 4-gait). ).

Price:  350.000 isk (ca. 2700 $, ca. 2400 EUR).



Tildra frá Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: The ruddy turnstone bird species.
Age: 4 (born 2011)
Color: Bay pinto/(tobiano (brun-skäck /brun broget / jarpskjótt).
Level: Beginners / novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2011258037.

Friendly and interested in people, but shows good respect too.  Has learned to be tied, lead, be combed, to lift feet and have them trimmed, be longed, be trailer loaded, and was quick to learn.  Tolts and trots.  Can be bred before export.  Both parents are 4-gaited with easy tolt and trot and top temperament, talented and easy for both experienced riders and novice riders.  Good riding horse prospect and breeding prospect.

Sire (father): IS1996156290 – Gammur frá Steinnesi (Evaluated 1. prize with 9 for tolt and 9 for trot already when he was 5 years old.  Has been very successful competition horse in youth division in 4-gait).

Dam (mother): IS2001258037 – Elísa frá Langhúsum (Evaluated with 7,68 in main score, has an x competition record).

Price400.000 isk (I can calculate that in other currencies upon request).