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Are you looking for a FAMILIY HORSE?  Maybe in a certain price category?  Or a COMPETITION horse?  I can easily help.  Due to how many horses we’re sometimes selling, there are not always many horses on our sales list.  Very often I (Lukka) do instead go and look for someone for the horse of their dreams, it is easy as there are thousands of Icelandic horses in my neighbourhood and I have many good connections with good trainers.  People often visit me too for a couple of days, and we go all over the neighbourhood to find the right horse for them.  So, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail, I can certainly help you.  EXPORT is easy, and we help with the whole process.
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Völsungur from Víðidal.

Meaning of name: Hawk.
Age: 8 (born 2006r)
Color: Grey/white (skimmel / grár).
Level: Novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2006157645.

Good energy, loves to tolt, strong with a lot of stamina, willing to please, courageous.

Sire (father):IS1998187045 – Klettur frá Hvammi (Evaluated with 8,49 in main score).
Dam (mother): IS1989284614 – Gletta frá Gerðum.


Burkni from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: Mountain fern (a treasured wild plant in Iceland).
Age: 9 (born 2006)
Color: Bay (brun / jarpur).
Level: Some novice riders / intermediate / experienced riders, possibly a beginner horse prospect (with energy).
Registration number: IS2006158039.

Burkni has excellent temperament, very willing to please, easy to train, and quick to learn new things.  He has good energy, but very controllable and without tension, is just willing to please and gives his all if that is what you want, and relaxes totally if that is what you want.  Loves to tolt, that is his first choice of gait, but has four very clearly seperated gaits.  Has good flying pace, it has though not been trained yet.  Soft in the mouth and listens well to the rider’s hands.  The tolt has a nice speed range, with clear beat, and smooth to sit on, and it is totally easy to ask for it and get it.  The trot has clear beat, is average smooth to sit on and with nice speed range, it is easy to ask for it.  The walk has excellent beat and is nice.  The canter/gallop is smooth to sit on.  Trailer loads easily, good on the ground, easy to catch, friendly in pasture.  Has learned some basic dressage like leg yielding and turning on the forehand.  Has been ridden for 3 years in his life, and it will be easy to keep on with his education, as he is a courageous and willing to please horse.  Has done some trekking in difficult terrain and is very willing to go over all sorts of scary or difficult landscape, willing to herd sheep and horses, willing to go alone and in company, he adjusts very easily to all jobs.  He is a nice club competition prospect, and a very elegant riding horse that catches admiring glances and remarks on the trail.  Can be ridden by most riders, good go, good whoa.  Has been ridden by a variety of rider with various background, liked by all of them and is very forgiving for different riders.

Sire (father): Gaumur IS2001187053 from Auðsholtshjáleigu (Evaluated with 9,05 for talents, 8,13 for conformation, 8,69 in main score).
Dam (mother): Eva IS1990258035 from Langhúsum (Evaluated with 7,69 in main score, and close to 9 for tolt).

Price 800 000 isk  (I can calculate the updated price in other currencies if you ask me).

Svermur from Mánalandi.

Meaning of name: A herd.

Age: 6 (born 2007)
Color: Smoky black (brun / móbrúnn).
Level: Beginner horse prospect after more training / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007101006

Height: 141 cm (14 hands)

Has been ridden on the trail for a few months.  Good size, has a humongous amount of mane and tail, very cute.  Willing to please, courageous and has been easy to train, both in paddock and on the trail.  Loves to tolt, has easy and smooth tolt and easy, average smooth, trot.  Soft in the mouth and stops well, has a good go and whoa.  Trailer loads.  Good on the ground. Friendly in pasture.  Good pedigree.  A very strongly built horse with excellent weight carrying conformation.

Sire (father): Skrúður IS2001187140 from Litla-Landi (Evaluated with 8,33 for talents, 8,39 for conformation, 8,33 in main score).
Dam (mother): IS1997256291 – Birta frá Steinnesi (Evaluated with 7,77)


sverm sverm 2

Knörr from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: This is the name of the old viking ships.
Age: 6 (born 2007)
Color: Black (svart / sort / brúnn).
Level: A beginner horse prospect / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007158038.

Height: 145 cm (14.1 hands)

Has a thorougly good temperament, has always been friendly, respectful for people, courageous and wants to do the right thing.  Has been very easy to start under saddle.  Willing to please.  Has been ridden for a few months on the trail.  Soft in the mouth.  4-gaited.  Trailer loads.  Perfect on the ground, loves to be combed and taken care of.  Has learned some basic dressage moves.  Good pedigree.  Very elegant and eyecatching, with his raised neck and aura.  Easy to catch.

Sire (father): Baugur IS2001158280 from Víðinesi 2 (Evaluated with 8,58 for talents, 8,33 for conformation, 8,48 in main score).
Dam (mother): Dúkka from Sauðárkróki (Evaluated with 7,54 in main score).


Stormur from Tunghálsi II.

Meaning of name: Storm, wind.
Age: 7 (born 2007
Color: Silver bay (Brun-vindótt, silver brun / Jarpvindóttur).
Level: Beginners / novice / intermediate / experienced riders.

Good temperament, can be ridden by most or all riders. Good footlift and a flashy horse, expeirenced. Very willing to please.

Sire (father): IS2001136756 – Stormur frá Leirulæk (Evaluated with 8,20 in main score).

Dam (mother): IS1984235791 – Héla frá Tungufelli.



Meaning of name: Silver dapple.
Color: Silver dapple (silversvart / vindott / móvindóttur).
Level: Beginners / novice / intermediate / experienced riders.

A good and experienced beginner horse (gelding) with easy tolt, has carried children and all sorts of rider in all sorts of situations.