We have purebred Icelandic sheepdog, this ancient breed which has been here in Iceland since the time of the settlers, around year 900 AD.  Our viking ancestors brought with them their best dogs, and then they were here more or less isolated for hundreds of years.  The breed is rare in the world, but very popular, these dogs are very friendly, love people, are a good medium size, and love to play and love to relax.  They have happy faces and their personality is as happy as they look.

Now our girl Gerplu Ronja has been bred to Fagrahvamms Rimmugýgur.  Both parents have gone to dog shows with good results.  Rimmugýgur was f.ex. best 4-6 months puppy of the breed in 2013, and later same year the best 6-9 months old puppy in the breed.  She is the black tricolor dog on the pictures, but Rimmugýgur is the dark red color on the pictures.  The pictures are from various ages of the dogs.

Both parents have of course gone through the veterinary examinations required, with eye examination and hip examination.

People are already letting us know they’re interested in puppies from these beautiful dogs, feel free to contact us if you want to be noticed when the puppies are born.  We will also announce on our webpage when we have puppies for sale.

Both parents have  excellent temperament, they’re calm and proud, respectful, and friendly, obedient and happy.

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