The wilderness ride


It is a big part of the horse culture in Northern Iceland, to put young horses that are growing up, for a few months each year up in remote wilderness pastures.  They roam around there like their wild ancestors did in ancient times, get brave from encountering and crossing all sorts of landscape, get new friends in the horses from the other farms, and run around with flying mane in tens of thousands of hectares of freedom.  We might see them, and they of course still like people, or we might not, just like with any other animals in the nature.  But the beauty and remoteness will become our friends in our journey.  The exact trails we do on this journey will vary depending on the season of the year.

Duration and price:

5 hours ride, including refreshments (where the whole experience can be 6 hours), price 27 000 ISK.

3 (possibly 4) hours ride, including refreshments and the drive to the starting point (the whole experience can be 4-5 hours) is also 27 000 ISK.

Riding level:

Intermediate experience or very experienced, and riding fit.  The trip is adjusted to the guests, but still, this is a trip for those that have ridden a lot.