Farm visit:


What we do is a bit depending on the time of the year.  You visit the farm animals, in close contact (if you feel like it), with one of us the farmers here.  You get to know all sorts of things about being a farmer in Iceland, and how the life and farming is here, for the farm animals and the people on a family farm in Iceland.  What powers molded out hardy breeds?  How does the farming work out here, with harsh winters and a lot of open areas in the summer time, where the farm animals can enjoy a very free and natural life?  What about Iceland’s history, culture, geology?  And you can ask about whatever you want to know, here you really get to meet the locals.  We also have a good time where you are our guest and enjoy some local Icelandic refreshments and snacks in the farm house kitchen.  Done for a minimum of two people.  Duration 2 hours.

Duration and price:

2 hours, is 5000 ISK (ca. 35 EUR/40$) per person (no riding included, but the refreshments are included).

Meeting point:

The Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477




Langhus 2

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