Brand new and fresh babies.

Two days ago, I went to check on the mares as I do every morning. Then Glaðning had thrown her baby earlier in the morning, and Drifa had just thrown her baby :)  Beautiful start of the day, just a super start  Here you see a newly born (pinto) colt look at his brand new (chestnut) friend standing up for the first time in his life :)


How to find us

I just updated my page, for some practical information for those that come here. You’re welcome to come for guided trail rides and day tours, or to enjoy our service with helping you to find your dream horse in the wonderful horse area in Skagafjordur and neighborhood,


Authorization from the Icelandic tourist board.

As we are opening up another service on our farm, and offering short and longer riding tours, we want of course an official licence and recognition for the service we are offering.  And, we are proud to announce that we are now authorized tour operators, by the Icelandic tourist board :)  Be welcome to visit us this summer and ride in our beautiful neighbourhood :)

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Merry Christmas. That is what we Icelanders say today, Christmas starts here at 6 p.m. on the 24., the evening is our biggest moment of celebration at Christmas. But we definitely celebrate the 13 days of Christmas, on the 25. many families meet for cakes and celebrations, ca. on the 26. many people go to Christmas dances, where 1-101 year olds dance around the Christmas tree, sing Christmas songs, eat goodies and have a good time together. 31. of December is the evening of fireworks and bonfires and celebrations (we have a world record in amount of shot fireworks per capita – and in number of horses per capita :) and the evening of 1. January is an evening for formal dinners or wild parties. On the 13. day of Christmas, on 6. January, we again eat well (“knock out Christmas”), do bonfires and meet trolls and Yule lads (yes, we have 13 Santas) and the “hidden people” (beautiful elves). And in my opinion winter never starts untill on the January, when we start packing down some of the Christmas decorations :)
We at Langhus wish you all a wonderful time of joy now, with peace and relaxation, with pretty candle lights, with friendship and joyful smiles.

Guided trail rides /trekking on Langhus farm in 2014.

We’ll start offering guided TRAIL RIDES / horse trekking here on my farm next summer. I have now several nice steady horses, family and work horses, and some of them used for competitions. So, I will open a “Short trail rides” service in the spring 2014. It will be 1-5 hour long rides, and can be custom made to our visitors. We can do short tours from the farm, and also trailer horses for a few minutes where trails to gorgeous valleys, highland areas and mountain passes are, where one could do both shorter and longer tours (1-4 hours). We’d expect people to book ahead. We can easily take 2-6 guests. I’m in the planning stage, if I get bookings for bigger groups now during winter (that is, if you book now for a bigger group next summer), I’ll have the flexibility to receive bigger groups next summer. On the other hand, our plan is to keep this on a bit personal level, so people can see the Icelandic nature, the background of the horses and what made them what they are (the sometimes harsh and sometimes wonderful nature, the breeding, the people and the culture), get lessons if they want, get to know excellent horses and visit an Icelandic mixed farm with horses, cows and sheep. We’d operate in June-December, and can also receive people during January-May if booked well ahead. I attach some pictures I’ve taken when trail riding in the neighbourhood, so you can see the scenery on some of the trails I’m offering rides to :)  We can custom make a vacation for you, partly or fully.  For example we reccommend  good guesthouses or leisure houses in the neighbourhood, reccommend or take you to sightseeing, whale watching and more in Northern Iceland, take you to farms to look for your dream horse if you want to buy a horse, etc.  Feel free to contact us for prices your custom made short trail ride or a longer vacation.  Prices are fair.  If you’d be interested in coming for trail riding or cooperating with us in some way, feel free to contact us. +00354-8478716 or send us a message on Facebook :)  

Do you want to stay on a farm in Iceland, free of costs, or do internship?

We have often had students here, that have been studying in various fields of agronomy, that have done internship here. We have also had people here for shorter or longer time, that have helped on the farm in various ways with not a heavy workload in exchange for bed and board and for simply having a fun time in Iceland without the cost of living  Some have even been studying in (non agriculture) schools abroad and enjoyed the adventure being here in Iceland at the same time. Some have helped in the house with cleaning and cooking, others have taken care of the cleaning and feeding in the horse stable, others have helped in the cow stable with cleaning and sweeping, many of them have wanted and had some of our horses for training or for leisure riding. This has usually worked out very well, people have had fun, an easy work load, and we have had help on the farm. Sometimes two friends have come together for good company. It has been a matter of agreement each time exactly what the chores would be and how much. If you or somebody around you are interested in something like this, in nearer or further future, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

A newborn foal in the end of August.

We sold a very nice mare last year, and have boarded her since for her owner and our friend  Now she had a baby yesterday, a buckskin pinto mare foal  The father is Þórálfur from Prestsbæ, a 4 year old stallion with 125 in BLUP  Now this mare will for sure become a looker  A very happy day on Langhus farm.

Broodmares 2013.

Broodmares 2013.

We have updated the page about our broodmares.  There are lots of fun pictures there :)  Click on the link above :)



3 broodmares are back at our farm (others are still with a stallion). From left to right:
Buckskin pinto mare foal, father Þórálfur from Prestsbæ (4 yo with 125 in BLUP).
Bay pinto mare, Dýna, owned by a Swedish friend.
Black roan (color changer) mare foal, father is Sjóður Kirkjubæ (ev. 8.60), mother Hersing.
Black roan pinto mare, Hersing from Langhúsum (ev. 7.73).
Grey bay pinto mare, Glaðning from Stangarholti (ev. 7.93).
Grey chestnut colt, propably homozygous pinto, propably splash carrier, father is Álfur from Selfossi (ev. 8.46).
Life is colorful and talented.


A wonderful children's competition mare for sale.

Freisting frá Sauðárkróki.

Meaning of name: Temptation.
Age: 6 (born 2007)
Color: Dark bay (brun / jörp).
Level: Beginners / novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007257710.
Size:  143 cm (cm and 14.1 hands).

A ready horse for everbody, very much trained with a heart of gold, good energy but so controllable that the tiniest rider can control her.  Has been ridden quite a lot, 10-12 months in her life.  Is a pure 4-gaited horse, this mare will never bocome pacy.  The tolt is as soft as it will get, a perfectly smooth sofa. The tolt is easy to ask for, she tolts on the slightest command, in totally clear beat, can go from good slow tolt to a nice speed.  With more training she can go even faster in the tolt.  The trot is average smooth to sit on, with a good speed range.  Knows basic dressage, steps away from leg, leg yields, turns on the forehand, backs, all on very soft commands.  The temperament is super and she is super responsive, goes full speed when asked, slows down to walk by the slightest command.  Is totally tolerant for the rider, even though the rider waves hands and does this and that strange she’s perfectly calm, and she’s super on the ground, can be touched everywhere and is fine, and just likes attention.  Super soft in the mouth, obeys the bit perfectly.  Has top blodlines and is a good breeding prospect too.  A SUPER PROSPECT FOR CHILDREN’S COMPETITION, OR ADULT CLUB COMPETITION, WHERE YOU NEED A RELIABLE, YET TALENTED HORSE.

Sire (father): IS2003181385 – Samber frá Ásbrú (Evaluated with 8,26 for talents, 8,13 for conformation, 8,21 in main score).

Dam (mother): IS1992286104 – Yrkja frá Kirkjubæ (Evaluated with 7,93 in main score).

Foal pictures from this summer.

The last foal of the summer was born at midnight june 19th. A black-pinto filly after our silver dapple Svala and Hvitserkur fra Sauðarkroki. Unfortunately not silver dapple-pinto, but two out of three ain´t bad  :)



We had been waiting for Glaðning to throw her foal sired by Álfur frá Selfossi, an honorary prized stallion. At midnight a few days ago she gave birth to chestnut-pinto foal, not a mare as we had wished for but perhaps a future stallion. The whole thing only took about 30 minutes, no matter how often one witnesses a foal getting born, its always a magical moment .

On the 28. May, the main foaling-season is in full swing. We had gotten 3 of expected 5 foals. Two days ago Drifa( the strawberry roan) gave birth to a bay colt sired by Hnokki from Þúfum. Hersing (the black pinto-roan) was very close to throwing her first foal ever, and being “green” in the business of motherhood she decided to become a fostermother. She showed the real mother full courtesy and did not try to steal the foal or feed it, but she followed them like a shadow and protected the foal from every other curious horse in the group, and was much more protective than the “real” mom. I was a bit worried that when she threw her own foal she might not want it, having already gotten one she considered her own. So she was checked every two-hours this night, and just before 4 am she gave birth to a black roan mare-foal, sired by Sjóður from Kirkjubæ. I need not have worried, the foster-foal was forgotten at once as she now has her own “my precious” .

The black roan mare foal is after Sjóður from Skagaströnd (8.60 with Hróður and Sær in his blodlines) and Hersing from Langhúsum (7.77). The foal is 1 week old week old. —