Riding on the ice-covered lake.

Riding on ice on the lake by Langhus today. Life is good :)laki is

Glimpses from our horse tours.

We haven’t put frequent news on the webpage this summer, because we have been busy having guests on our horse tours, and had a lot of fun.  We do though prioritize answering e-mails and messages instantly, and giving our guests good service and company and well trained horses on our tours.  And we also have so much fun on the tours ourselves, horses are our life and our joy.  Here are moments and glimpses of the view, taken in our horse tours this spring and summer.a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r

The beach ride.

The beach ride, on our black volcanic sand beaches, kissed by the Arctic ocean, is ever so wonderful :)  We love taking guests to the beach :)

Our horse tours are in full operation, and the horses are becoming in excellent shape, ready for everything :)


Dýna is for sale.

dyna IMG_4232Dýna IS2007265620  from Gilsbakka is for sale.  She is a 150 cm tall mare, 8 years old. So, super tall, easy to ride, super color, smooth to ride on. Dýna is 5-gaited. The tolt is smooth and easy to ask for it, with nice footlift and speed range. The trot is fast, clear beat, and easy to ask for it. The flying pace is there and with nice speed, but hasn’t been trained really. Dýna is very easy to catch, and good on the ground, friendly. She has gone on a lot of long trail rides with the family and when we do horse tours with tourists she has been ridden by riders with some experience, and done very well. She’s getting ready to be ridden by rather novice riders. She has had a beautiful foal with excellent movements, so she’s fertile and a good mother. We can breed her to a stallion on our farm this summer and include that in her price.


Our area is a ski-lovers dream.

A little piece of heaven. The ski area Skarðsdalur is our neighbour. Us, the whole family, went as often before skiing there today – and loved it as always. Combining a day with horse tour with a day of skiing in our wonderful area, where there are 4 down hill-ski areas within 20-90 min drive from us (and are open until sometime in May), can certainly be a heavenly vacation.


Volunteer work / internship on the farm?

We are looking for somebody that is ready to stay for that time, has ridden lots and taken care of horses, and has experience with Icelandic horses (IT IS A REQUIREMENT). Room and board is provided, and you just live with our family and become a part of our gang. The work can be ca. 4 hours of stable work and similar per day, and of course you can get days off if you want to go and explore. Then we’d provide some horses for you to ride on and enjoy. If you have experience with training young green horses, this can be a good opportunity for you to learn more. And you of course learn a lot about the Icelandic horse, riding and taking care of the horses, and about the country that molded our beloved horses. IMG_3698

Lick it up...

Lick it up… Life’s such a treat and it’s time you taste it, there ain’t a reason on earth to waste it… (Kiss ). Eyrir and Katina tasting life :) Today at Langhus farm.

eyrir katina


It was a cold and windy day today, so we took on winter overalls and hats and went to ride.  Oskadis from Langhusum greeted Láki, relaxed and happy, and curious to see her friend.  Isn’t it the top of the world for me, to see the horses love Láki – just like I do :)  Oh yes :)


Soon we will have foals...

drifa folToday there are just 7 weeks until we can expect the first foals to be born. There should be 6 foals born on Langhus farm this summer. I look so much forward to it, joy waiting ahead :)

Our horse tours are open all year round.

Our horse tours are open, even though it’s just March.  Our operation is open all year round.

We love horse tours. It’s been our passion, all our life. To go out in the nature, be a team with our horse, and cross beautiful places, and sometimes tough landscape, that molded our beloved Icelandic horse. To have the companionship of other horse lovers, and to just live and breath the fresh air in the nature, and feel the rhythm of life.
And then we started offering others to come with us. And like with all trekking companions, you design the tour with us. We have several tour options to give ideas, but you choose with us which way you want to go, on what kind of horses, how long, and how challenging. We can also help with accommodation, with other things to do when not riding, etc. Just feel free to contact us and we make something wonderful together, and more important, have fun :)


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