Íslendingar, við erum með alls kyns sértilboð fyrir maí – ágúst 2020, og getum sett saman skemmtilega samhristingsdagskrá fyrir hópinn þinn, og gerum ykkur eitthvað gott verðtilboð.  Endilega hafið samband og við búum til eitthvað skemmtilegt saman.  :  10 900 isk fyrir fullorðinn, 6 900 isk fyrir barn 6-14 ára í fylgd með fullorðnum.  Líka sértilboð, að gegn gjafabréfinu frá ríkisstjórninni (upp á 5300 kr.) getið þið bætt við 4 900 kr. og fengið þannig einn reiðtúr fyrir fullorðinn fyrir lítinn pening.  Smellið á Booking takkann hér neðst á síðunni og þá getið þið haft samband við okkur með ykkar óskir.

Venjuleg verð:

We can do many more things than the tour options you see on the website:

People have often asked us to do something especially according their wishes, especially for groups.  So do you have a group that you’d want us to host and do something special for?  Bring on your wishes and we’ll plan something fun for your group.  Examples of specially designed programs that we have held and hosted are:

  • Indoor programs if the weather is bad, with riding lesson and fun games on horseback in our riding arena, farm visit and refreshments, and in the spring 2019 we’ll open an indoor geothermal spa.
  • Farm visits of various kinds, where you meet us, the local farmers here, get to know the farm animals, chat and ask about all those things you’ve been wondering about regarding Iceland, and enjoy local and traditional snacks (most of them home-baked) and refreshments.
  • Taking small groups, even as few as 2 people, on a guaranteed private tour, for an extra fee.
  • We are very used to receiving luxury travellers that want super service, private tours and full attention.
  • We’ve designed a health program, that takes 3 hours, including understanding the horse better, getting a closer relationship with the horse, learning more about these special horses, mindfulness, and enjoying beautiful nature with a wonderful horse-mate.
  • Horse games, for either beginners or for experienced riders, for children or adults, the program is then adjusted to the abilities of the group.
  • Midnight tours in the late summer evening.
  • All sorts of mixes of our tours.
  • Icebreakers/team building games on the farm, with or without horses.
  • Taking big groups on a short ride, where half of the group enjoys a farm visit with snacks and refreshments, and the other half of the group goes riding, then they switch.


Price and details:

Prices, duration/length of activity etc. varies greatly between the activities, feel free to contact us with your ideas, and we’ll design a program for you and give you a price offer.  We’ll do something good for your group.  🙂


Meeting point:

The Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477



20170628_123959 Orri Glaumur gabr 4 krakkar