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Our life is horse tours.  It’s been our passion, all our life. To go out in the nature and be a team with the horse.  To see the beautiful places, and sometimes tough landscape, that molded our beloved Icelandic horse. To have the companionship of other horse lovers, and to just live and breath the fresh air in the nature, and feel the rhythm of life.

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We offer guided horse tours with one of us, the local farmers at Langhus farm, or our assistant guides.  We have well trained horses, steady and obedient, they are our family and work horses.  They are our friends, they are happy, well taken care of, and live a fulfilled life.  They are of the breed The Icelandic horse, the horses the Viking settlers brought to Iceland.  We take the time to match you with the right horse for you, and to give good instructions about riding so you can enjoy the tour better.  We keep this on a personal level, so people can see the Icelandic nature, the background of the horses and what made them what they are (the sometimes harsh and sometimes wonderful nature, the breeding, the people and the culture), get lessons if they want, get to know excellent horses and visit an Icelandic farm on the real countryside.  Join us as we share what is unique about our horse and Iceland.

We have several tour options to give ideas. But we love to hear about your background and preferences, it helps us choose a horse that is great for you personally.  We emphasize on a personal experience and small groups.  The small group size allows good levels of dialogue along the way.  Just feel free to contact us and we make something wonderful together, and more important, have fun.  Our niche is creating unique, intimate, authentic experiences, off the beaten path.

Also, it always takes a few minutes extra to prepare you for the tour, and it’s not fun for you to be in a hurry. We do a little riding lesson before the tour itself starts, so if you are beginners you learn a bit about how to ride, and experienced riders learn how to ride the Icelandic horse. That is helpful and fun for everybody.  So, the whole visit/experience here can easily take 30-90 minutes more than the ride itself.
Animal welfare is also a priority for us, each horse never goes on more than 1 tour per day, and we give them at least 2 days off per week. They also get at least 2 months of vacation every year.  They have big grassy pastures to roam on and top quality hay in the winter time.  They live a very natural life in big herds.
Eco-consciousness is also a priority on our farm, to minimize trash, pollution and strain on nature.
On our website you also find other experiences than rides, like the geothermal mineral bath, the waffle snacks (with home made jam from Icelandic nature), farm visits, and the all weather program.
Our groups are usually small.  But if you have a bigger group, then we can now accommodate groups of 20 beginner riders, and 25 if some in your group are experienced.  We also have programs for even bigger groups than that.
We focus on delivering the highest quality experience for our clients, which is why bookings are done through our contact form on the website, so we can share details with each other to create your personal experience.

Browse through our tour ideas, they are a great starting point when creating your own tour


THE VIKING TOUR (Best seller)

Riding the ancient and historic Icelandic horse is something you have to experience at least once in your life, the horse the vikings loved and rode proudly.   We ride in green valleys surrounded by striking mountains, in heaths and meadows with good views, showing the unique Icelandic landscape in a nutshell, in the magnificent Flokadalur valley.  And you can ask and hear more about the culture and everything your heart desires regarding Iceland.  This tour is ideal and popular for both beginners as well as for more experienced riders.

Duration of the ride is ca. 2 hours (and the whole experience can be ca. 3 hours).

This has been a very popular option for mixed groups (where groups of beginners and very experienced riders want a good ride together).

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THE BLACK BEACH RIDE (best seller)

We ride through moors and gorgeous open landscapes, where there is a good opportunity to learn about the nature and the history of our area.  There is abundant birdlife on this trail throughout all summer, and one can see well how people’s lives here are twined together with the nature in a beautiful way.  If the tide is low, we will ride on the beach itself, with the beautiful black volcanic sand.  In a high tide we ride on the coast by the beach, so this is always a lovely ride.  This tour is ideal and popular for both beginners as well as for more experienced riders.  Duration of the ride is ca. 2 hours (and the whole experience can be ca. 3 hours).

This has been a very popular option for mixed groups (where groups of beginners and very experienced riders want a good ride together).

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In this tour we combine experiences from several of our most popular tours, the beach ride, the viking tour, Icelandic country life tour, even the river ride.  We’ll ride in a big circle,  through land with meadows, on the beach, go up the beautiful and striking Flokadalur valley, overlooking a lake and mountains and highlands, crossing a river one or two times, go at slow speed and faster speed, and take a good break for refreshments, chatting, and a bit of commentaries or questions, whatever your heart desires.  Good for both experienced riders and sporty beginners.  This has been a very popular option for mixed groups (where groups of beginners and very experienced riders want a good ride together).

It’s 3,5-4 hour total. (where the whole experience can be 4,5 hours).

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An indoor hot tub with 30 % crystal clear spring water from the Barð mountain, mixed with 70 % mineral rich water from the Langhus hot spring.  It is a pleasure after the ride, for relaxed muscles and clean body and soul.  Good for your skin, healthy and relaxing.  Great to get invigorated soft muscles, and a clean body, after the ride.

It is common that people take an hour for this experience, but you just take your time and enjoy.

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For people that want to have a fun experience with the Icelandic horse, even if they have children that are too young to go out on a long ride.  The age limit for the two hour tours is 8 years, but you can still ride by taking the Family time tour (in the paddock, and possibly on the trail).  Everybody gets in close contact with the horses, the children help us with brushing the horses and saddling them up, we lead them on the horses in a paddock and teach them to control the horse, and the adults of course learn at the same time, and we chat and share experiences and info about the Icelandic horse and everything.  The adults also get the chance to ride a bit if they want.  We have several different popular options described, just push on the Read more button.  Duration 1 hour, and the visit can be made into a 1 1/2 or 2 hour experience.

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Are you short on time, but want to squeeze in a fun experience and ride the famous Icelandic horse?  We offer a tour that is designed to be an enjoyable experience for beginners that do not have much time.  The whole experience begins with an intro on how to ride the Icelandic horse, then a lesson where you ride your horse and practice how to control the horse so you and the horse can be a good team for the ride.  Then you go out on an approx. 1 hour ride at a slow and safe speed (the horse goes in the gait “walk”).

Duration of the whole experience (intro, lesson, ride) is ca. 1 1/2 hours.

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TOUR OPERATORS that want to give their groups a unique experience, we have the Farm visits.  It is a great choice for groups of ca. 16-45 people.

In short, this is about:

  • Getting to know the amazing Icelandic horses close up.
  • Meeting locals.
  • Having either a great traditional Icelandic dinner (f.ex. lamb steak) with dessert, or home made pastries.
  • If you want to, to ride on an Icelandic horse in an arena (not out on trail).

Then you also have a lovely opportunity, in a cost effective way, for feeding your group at the same time as they have fun, as included is also a variety of either (you choose one of these options):

  • A traditional Icelandic Sunday dinner:  Lamb steak (from the sheep on the farm), salad with locally produced sheep cheese and Icelandic vegetables from Iceland’s hot spring heated green houses, and mashed potatoes.  Chocolate cake as dessert, also coffee and tea.  Available for groups of ca. 30-45 people.
  • Icelandic very old style Icelandic delicacies, home made local pastries and snacks, coffee and tea.  Available for groups of ca. 16-45 people.

Good time frame for the whole stop here: Ca. 1.5 hours.

Free lunch for the guide and driver.

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What are your ideas for an hour’s time with our horses?  This is a very popular choice for experienced riders that want to do more than go on a tour, they want instruction about how to ride the Icelandic style, how to ask for and ride the four different gaits of a good Icelandic riding horse (the walk, trot, gallop and the famous Icelandic horse gait, the tölt), first in a paddock, and then to go out on the trail for an extra thrill.  This is a cool option for very experienced riders that want an efficient private lesson with a very experienced horse trainer.  This is also fun for people that are maybe a bit scared and want a super safe and calm experience, and everybody else that want a special experience designed for them.  Lukka has been a teacher all her life, we also have good staff that can give great instructions too, and it’s fun to meet your wishes.  This can be a 1 hour experience, or 2 hour experience.  And this can be a private tour for one, or it can be with more people.

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The Laufskalarett horse round ups are an event like nothing else.  We can go and become a part of everything on this famous day: We can ride in a big group of people to see and even join the people rounding up the 700 horses in the Kolbeinsdalur highland pasture, then we join the group of people (usually several hundred riders) that drive the horses to the corral.  In the corral the horses are, one by one, identified and put in their owner’s part of the corral, while around 1000 horse enthusiasts watch, and chat with other horse people.  This day is one long fun adrenaline rush for horse enthusiasts.  We have designed a plan for 5 days filled with fun rides and more events, making this week an unforgettable experience.

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The Icelandic horse is fun, a good survivor, extremely good at coping with rough terrain, and it is so fun to become a team with your horse and dive into Iceland’s wilderness with your hardy steed.  The Icelandic sheep stock has been isolated on this rough island for over a millennium, and they have evolved into extremely good survivors. They are shy and agile like mountain goats and can almost outrun a galloping horse. Released into mountains and wildernesses in early summer, sheep are herded back to the lowlands before the winter sets in, corralled and returned to the home farms. The locals and their friends team up in the fall for this fun challenge, and we welcome you to join us and become an Icelandic shepherd on horseback.  But… this tour is cool on the tours and with a wonderfully comfortable accommodation and food.  Sóti Lodge is a quality lodge in the heart of Fljotin at the tip of the Troll peninsula. The lodge offers high quality, comfortable accommodation, personal services, renowned gastronomic experiences and beautiful scenery with breathtaking views of rugged mountain vistas and the Arctic Ocean. Entrance to the geothermal pool next door is an added bonus to your stay.  For more information and booking, follow this link to the Sóti website:

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Do you want some different kind of day tour?  Are you planning for a small or big group and have vague or clear ideas about what you’d want them to experiences?  Do you want us to do something that fits especially for your group?  Bring on your wishes and we’ll plan a fun tour for your group.

TOUR OPERATORS:  Do you have special clients that want top quality tours with extra attention, with their special wishes in mind?  We’re at your service, and doing the Viking tour as a private tour for selected people that are used to top experiences is f.ex. a very popular choice by luxury tour operators  – we’re your top choice for a horse tour – we have specialized in luxury customers for the last 10 years – just look at the reviews we have gotten through the years.

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Finding Your Dream Horse

– Personal assistance –

– No agency or service costs –

In our area, Skagafjordur, there are thousands of horses, and a few dozen very good breeding farms and training farms. You can join me (Lukka) in my car and I take you to a group of farms, looking at maybe 20-30 handpicked horses (depending on what kind of horse(s) you are looking for) during 2-3 days, and it’s free for the horse buyer.  We have run this service since 1997, and built up a reputation and history for horse-knowledge, honesty, credibility and experience.  Our history of happy customers says it all.  And, people ask me all the time, isn’t export complicated?  But, export is easy, I help with the whole process.  It is easy to come to us, you can come with a bus, or take a domestic flight to Akureyri (town close to us), where we can fetch you.

The group of sale prospects in our area is so big and changes fast, so we just have a handful of horses on the saleslist on our page.  So, you might see an interesting prospect here below.  If not, we might know about your dream horse, several that are prospects, or, given a bit of time, we will usually find it.

How the process works

We have many horses for sale – contact us for info

We run a service helping people finding their dream horse in Iceland.  Now in the winter 2020-2021 we're using a lot of time looking around on farms to find great horses that would be wonderful [...]

Geysir frá Syðri-Ingveldarstöðum IS2010157170

Advertisment from January 2021. Geysir frá Syðri-Ingveldarstöðum IS2010157170 ⭐️Experienced gelding. ⭐️ Riding video at ⭐️Talented, yet easy going. ⭐️Friendly and easy to catch. ⭐️Super smooth tolt, he's like a sofa to sit on. ⭐️Top [...]

IS2020158039 – Fálki frá Langhúsum

Advertisment from 2021. Fálki a colt that is silver dapple and roan (color changer), possibly splash carrier, with good blodlines, born 2020.  We have started and ridden several of his sisters under saddle and they [...]

IS2009184892 Feykir

Advertisment from 2021. Feykir IS2009184892 Export is easy and no troubles for horses to travel between countries, we take care of the whole process. Video link here below. Feykir is a super steady gelding, very [...]

IS2009258001 – Hrefna from Sigríðarstöðum

Available now (year 2021). IS2009258001 - Hrefna frá Sigríðarstöðum is available. 11 years old. An absolute dream riding horse and a wonderful breeding mare. She went to breeding evaluations in 2016, then she got 8,14 [...]

IS2015257052 – Andrea from Ketu

IS2015257052 - Andrea frá Ketu I have a blue dun pinto ( musblack skäck / mósótt skjótt) mare for sale, Andrea, 6 years old (born 2015), started under saddle and has been ridden a lot [...]

“3 month ago i bought my first horse, Fiton, and fulfilled a long dream of mine. Originally he is from your stud. He is a wonderful horse. very friendly, adorable and a great horse for the whole family. I love him a lot and I hope that we will be a great team for the rest of our lives. I only wanted to say this. Thank you”
Marie, Germany
“Lukka, I am very happy with you ♥ and these 6 horses, you found really perfect ones for my purposes!!! 🙂 They all listen well, are not hard from the mouth, nice and easy to ride and kind with people! 🙂

I surely can recommend and I already have recommended you to many people!!! You are very kind, professional and you know a lot of the horses and owners around, and what is also good, there are so many horses around Saudarkrokur!

Big hugs to you too my dear icelandic friend :)”

Pipsa, Finland
“Just wanted to let you know news of Gjof. She is great, I have ridden her about 6 times now and we are learning together. She is exactly what i had hoped for, calm and not spooky but fun and talented.

Wanted to thank you for your help in finding her.”

“I have bought 5 horses from Lukka over the years! Lukka has been a very nice and helpful guide and friend and she never gives up on finding the right horses. She always has good suggestions and always eager to help and find answers on my sometimes a little crazy questions. She and her family have always been very friendly and I really appreciate very much their hospitality when I have visited them on their beautiful farm at Langhus looking for or visiting horses. She puts her heart into her business and I always feel a great trust and happiness doing business with her.”
Eva, Sweden
“I have been buying horses from Lukka and Langhus for 14 years and have always been so happy. Lukka is honest and fair. I give her and her farm a huge thumbs up for those looking for an Icelandic horse.”
Kelly, USA
“Honesty. Unfortunately, all too rare in the horse world, but Lukka has it. Our mare from Langhus has given us much joy as a riding horse and she also gave us two wonderful young offspring to ride. Credit where credit is due.”
Stan, USA
“Hersir is very well. He is wonderful horse that I really love: ) He is so fine, very lively and curious, very willing to please. You wrote me a good description of him and he has just all those good qualities : ) Last year was succesful competition year. We got at Finnish Championchips silvermedal in fourgait and fith place in T1. We were chosen in Finnish Team to ride in Norway at NC, but I decided not go to so heavy journey. We also competed in Speedpace and got many medals from these too. Hersir does also work couple of hours a week with disabled children and enjoying it. He is just a lovely personality, the horse of my life :)”
Soile, Finland
“Djasn is a very lovely horse with an super character, big temperament and easy to ride. Thank you very much for this beautiful horse. “
Jutta, Germany
“Hi Lukka, all the horses that came from you are very nice horses and we get along well with them.
All the horses are very nice to handle for all riders. Thank you very much for finding these fantastic horses, they are just the right kind for us, good family-horses.”
Anita, Finland
“Just want to tell you, that Kvistur is a great joy. Everyone who watches me ride him, admires him and the few trainers and icelandic horse people I allowed to ride him, really liked him a lot. His tolt is coming along nicely. He works for me without being hectic, is friendly and pretty. Has grown a lot and gets stronger every day. Nothing to be desired. “
Christian, Germany
“We are very content with Paeja. Yesterday the trainer here started to train Paeja a bit and feels the same as us. He smiled all the time. She is very talented for her age and former training. She is fast in tölt and everything, and she has an absolutely clean beat in all tempos and she has very wellseparated gates. Her spirit is very high and she will be a great riding horse that everybody can ride. But of course a good looking competition horse and breeding horse too. She is confident and not afraid of anything, just a little bit young horse that needs to be educated a bit. And she also begs politely for sweets!!??? We love her. Thank you Lukka for a super horse.”
Katarina, Sweden
“Lukka, jeg er så glad for Dama. Vi lærer hinanden at kende fra dag til dag. Hun tølter fint afsted i middeltempo, og selv når det er sand og bakket i klitterne, så kan jeg holde hende i den dejligste tølt. Hun og jeg bliver bare bedre fra hver ridetur. I dag har Dama været med til årets juleridetur i silende regn. Med over 30 heste. Hun gik i traileren uden nogen problemer. Det hele var meget spændende og hun var levende og nysgerrig. Da hun havde fundet sig til rette i flokken “slappede” hun af, og var super skøn at have med. Der red en ung pige op på siden af hende og sagde til mig, at Dama var meget smuk – så ædel ud. Selv synes jeg hun er verdens smukkeste hest, men sådan er det vel med de stolte ejere. “
Dorte, Denmark
“Här går det så fint med Skissa, och jag har nu äntligen fått tid att prova Skissa! Hon var MYCKET TREVLIG att rida, hon gick tryggt fram över järnvägen, förbi konstiga soptunnor, postlådor….utan att ens titta! Hon kändes väldigt trygg & säker att rida!”
Lilian, Sweden
“Aska har det fint, hun er en super hest og meget dejlig at ride. Jeg rider nu på hende 2-3 gange om ugen og rider meget i skoven – det har hun helt vænnet sig til. Hun har det bedste sind og hun er meget villig til at gå – jeg er meget meget glad for hende.”
Rikke, Denmark


We are running the horse tours as usual – and selling the horse of your dreams.

We are still going strong.  We own a bunch of wonderful horses that are very used to taking tourists on fun horse tours (both total [...]

We have many horses for sale – contact us for info

We run a service helping people finding their dream horse in Iceland.  Now in the winter 2020-2021 we’re using a lot of time looking around [...]

Hrefna is for sale – a top breeding mare and gorgeous riding horse.

Hrefna frá Sigríðarstöðum is available. 11 years old. An absolute dream riding horse and a wonderful breeding mare. She went to breeding evaluations in 2016, [...]

Oh how I look forward to summer…

and going on all the awesome rides in our pristine nature.

Icelandic horse roundups tour to Laufskalarett 2018.

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Our beach waits ever so patiently for nature loving visitors. Mindfulness is the word for this little piece of heaven. Be welcome to Langhus horse [...]

The time and the water.

The beach , oh... the peaceful and black north Atlantic beach... "The time is like the water, and the water is cold and deep, like [...]

Happy Easter to the world.

Spring and new life is arriving in our garden. How fitting on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you from Langhus horse tours.

Easter holidays ride.

We went on a wonderful Easter ride with friends in Siglufjörður town today. Life with horses in Iceland is simply good.

Reiðskóli eða Hestaleiga ?