The black beach ride


We go through moors on a country side road with very little traffic, down to an old little former village by the beach.  We ride on the coast, or directly on a black sand beach (our country is made from lava so the sand in the beach is black) on a beautiful reef between the Arctic ocean and a fresh water lake bordering our farm.  Sometimes, if we have fast riders, we go over a little peninsula to another freshwater lake, reef and black beach.  As we have to take care not to disturb the abundant bird life in that area, the availability of this trip is a bit seasonal (offered all year round exept May and most of June).  But at that time we are doing another bestseller, the wonderful Viking tour, with gorgeous views over mountains and a lovely peaceful valley, it’s also a very popular tour.

We end with complementary refreshment drinks (tea, instant coffee, a fruit drink for the children).

Duration and price:

The whole horse experience (intro, lesson, ride, complementary refreshments) is approximately 3 hours (the trail ride itself is approx. 2 hours).

Price 16 000 ISK per person.

Guaranteed private tour:

For two persons it’s 16 000 ISK extra for the tour (8 000 extra per person).

For three persons or more, the tour price is 20 000 isk per person (4000 isk extra per person).

If you are looking for the highest standard tour for a luxury trip in Iceland, then you will love coming on one of our private tours.

Riding level:

This tour is ideal and popular for both beginners as well as for more experienced riders.

Starting point:

The Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477

Add-on option:  The geothermal mineral bath:

On top of this it is super popular by groups of 10 people or less, to add on going to our indoor geothermal mineral bath (where you also can take a shower) for relaxation and fun, for maybe an hour.  You get that as a very cheap add-on option for 1900 ISK per person.

Add-on option:  Icelandic traditional waffle lunch with a variety of drinks:

On top of this it is super popular to add on getting Icelandic tradional heart-shaped waffles with a choice of toppings, as many per person as you like.  Toppings are either homemade blueberry jam, or the traditional Icelandic way (with homemade rhubarb jam), also whipped cream (if you like), or simply Nutella chocolate spread or maple sirup. Also with good real coffee, a choice of teas, or excellent quality dark hot chocolate (with cream if you like), and carbonated fizzy water if you like.  You get that as a very cheap add-on lunch option to the other options for 1900 ISK per person.






beach ride

beach ride 2