Fun things to do.

You might want to do more fun activities in our neighborhood than taking an Icelandic horse tour at Langhus.

In our neighborhood there are various activities offered, especially in the summertime. You can enjoy the geothermal infinity pool in Hofsos.  You can enjoy various guided tours and activities with Sóti summits, enjoy the little local swimming pool at Sólgarðar Birdwatching boat tours with the option of sea angling in Skagafjordur and to Drangey island with it’s millions of nesting birds (f.ex. puffins) are very popular. Other activities include historical museums like the fun Automotive museum in Stora-gerdi and the Herring era museum in Siglufjordur and Glaumbær turf house museum, going whale watching at Hauganes, visit the Icelandic farm animals zoo at Brúnastaðir (they’ve got arctic foxes), hike in the mountains (we can f.ex. guide you to find the rather secret, and medieval, trail Póstleiðin up to the Siglufjörður mountain pass), enjoying artistic handmade chocolate at Frida’s café in Siglufjörður etc. etc.  On Google maps you can find the waterfalls Mígandifoss and Bólugil, the natural baths at Grettislaug and Reykjafoss, the cliffs Staðarbjörg basalt columns, the turf church at Grafarkirkja, the beautiful lakes Stífluvatn and Miklavatn, and the town Siglufjörður is incredibly beautiful.  The road between Siglufjörður and Langhús farm is a wonderful photographic journey.  The swimming pools are The thing in Iceland, and we can recommend Hofsós swimming pool, Ólafsfjörður swimming pool, Sólgarðar swimming pool, Akureyri swimming pool (well that one is virtually a water park).  The bakery at Siglufjörður and the bakery at Sauðárkrókur have freshly baked breads, snacks, pastries, a cafeteria, and at Siglufjörður they also have soup and a lunch offer.

The community is rural, there is a lot of space, but with several villages, so you can enjoy the nature and the freedom at the same time as getting everything you need without much effort.

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