The family time


A visit with the horses designed for families with small children, that want to meet and get to know on a personal level the Icelandic horse, and also ride some.  If you have some other preferences, feel free to email us and bring them up and we’ll see what we can do.

Family tour:

  • The children help us brush the horse, and are with us putting the bridle and saddle on the horse.
  • We talk with you all, and show you, fun facts about horses in general, like the hooves, the names for different parts of the horse, how their body parts are.  This is of course all based on the age of the children, and what is fun for the children and parents to learn about.
  • We also share our wonderful horses with the parents, their history, the special features of this oldest purebred breed in the world.  The breed that was the horse of the vikings, and then got isolated here for 1100 years, evolving in their own special way, depending on the climate here and on our peaceful society and culture, so the horses got friendly, strong and good survivors.  So it’s also a fun chance for the adults to learn new things, we are of course chatting with them too.
  • The children get to ride, if they are younger than 10 years old we usually lead the horses to begin with, but teach them how to control them, so slowly they start steering the horses and enjoy the thrill of riding, all in a safe and controlled way.  If the children are very young, often we ask the parents for a bit of help then, to hold on to the child even if it’s riding, so all is as safe as possible.
  • As we teach the child how to ride the horse the parents hear and see and learn along with the child how to steer the horse.  Then the parent also gets to ride a horse (one parent at a time) and have fun steering their horse, for maybe 10 minutes each, which is of course so fun.
  • After the riding the children can help us unsaddling their horse and at some parts of the year, taking it out where we release the horse that can then go out to play.
  • If there is one younger and one older child (as an example a 5 year old child and a 12 year old child) they of course do all of this together with their own personal horse.
  • After the tour there is included to enjoy breakfast tea and instant coffee for the parents and popsicles and a “Svali” fruit drink for the children… or instant hot chocolate for everybody.
  • This experience happens indoors or in a paddock, not out on the trail.
  • This whole horse experience takes ca. 1 hour, and is 44 000 isk. for a group/family of 1-4 people (children and adults).
  • Free add-on to the Family tour:  On top of the tour experience it is super popular by the families to go to our indoor geothermal mineral bath (where you also can take a shower) for relaxation and fun, as long as you like.  After the tour experience the family can enjoy our geothermal mineral bath and the showers for no extra price.  So, with the family tour, hot chocolate, and geo bath, we’re talking about 2-3 hours of good time.
  • Our lounge, stable and riding arena is wheel chair accessible, and we have a saddle made especially for disabled smaller riders (children or small adults).

Price 48 000 isk for a family of 2-6.

This tour can be done as a guaranteed private tour for an extra fee, 10 000 isk per family.

Add-on option:  Icelandic traditional waffle lunch with a variety of drinks:

On top of this it is super popular to add on getting Icelandic traditional heart-shaped waffles with a choice of toppings, as many per person as you like.  Toppings are either homemade blueberry jam, or the traditional Icelandic way (with homemade rhubarb jam), also whipped cream (if you like), or simply Nutella chocolate spread, pancake syrup or maple syrup. Also with hot chocolate, good real coffee, a choice of teas, or carbonated fizzy water if you like.  You get that as a very cheap add-on lunch option to the other options for 2500 ISK per person.  We can make glutein free waffles if booked beforehand.

Meeting point:

The Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477

Langhus farm is on Google maps.


Orri Glaumur