We are still going strong.  We own a bunch of wonderful horses that are very used to taking tourists on fun horse tours (both total beginners and experienced riders).  Our horse tours are always open, and we are looking forward to a fun summer season when people start travelling around the world again.

A lot of people are also using these times to follow their dream and buying a horse, riding provides a fun activity that is not restricted as so many other things are.  And we run a very popular service in helping people find their dream horse, and always have horses for sale.

We have not been very active in putting in news here on our website, but if you are on Facebook you can see lots of fun pictures and videos here from Langhus farm 🙂

See links here below for these various things:

For booking a horse tour you can press this button:


For info about finding your dream horse, it’s simplest to contact us through the email arnhei@simnet.is or linking to our farm page and messaging us there.

To find our farm page on Facebook, press:  Langhus farm on Facebook