Some feedback from our customers.

We have sold hundreds of horses, to 14 different countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, France, UK, and Iceland. Here is an example of the feedback we’ve gotten back:

Just wanted to let you know news of Gjof. She is great, I have ridden her about 6 times now and we are learning together. She is exactly what i had hoped for, calm and not spooky but fun and talented.
Wanted to thank you for your help in finding her.

3 month ago i bought my first horse, Fiton, and fulfilled a long dream of mine. Originally he is from your stud. He is a wonderful horse. very friendly, adorable and a great horse for the whole family. I love him a lot and I hope that we will be a great team for the rest of our lives. I only wanted to say this.
Thank you Marie, Germany.

I have bought 5 horses from Lukka over the years, the first one in 2005. 3 have been imported to sweden and 2 are still on Iceland. One of them has even had a foal this summer on Iceland so now I have 3 horses on Iceland!! Lukka has been a very nice and helpful guide and friend and she never gives up on finding the right horses. She always has good suggestions and always eager to help and find answers on my sometimes a little crazy questions. She and her family have always been very friendly and I really appreciate very much their hospitality when I have visited them on their beautiful farm at Langhus looking for or visiting horses. She puts her heart into her business and I always feel a great trust and happiness doing business with her.
Eva, Sweden.

Lukka, I am very happy with you ♥ and these 6 horses, you found really perfect ones for my purposes!!! 🙂 They all listen well, are not hard from the mouth, nice and easy to ride and kind with people! 🙂
I surely can recommend and I already have recommended you to many people!!! You are very kind, professional and you know alot of the horses and owners around, and what is also good, there is so much horses around Saudarkrokur!

Big hug to you too my dear icelandic friend 🙂

Pipsa, Finland.

Hello Lukka
My Eikja is a real princess; beautiful, vigorous and playful. She is now two weeks here and is getting use to the hey, which is not so tender as it is in Iceland. The muesli is different too, but she is now eating it.
You did a great job! Thank you!

Best regards
Kaisa, Finland.

Kære Lukka
I dag har Dama været med til årets juleridetur i silende regn. Med over 30 heste.
Hun gik i traileren uden nogen problemer. Det hele var meget spændende og hun var levende og nysgerrig. Da hun havde fundet sig til rette i flokken “slappede” hun af, og var super skøn at have med. Der red en ung pige op på siden af hende og sagde til mig, at Dama var meget smuk – så ædel ud.
Lukka, jeg er så glad for Dama. Vi lærer hinanden at kende fra dag til dag. Vi har en stilletiende aftale, at jeg klør hende der var hovedtøjet sidder, når vi lige holder en alille pause under rideturen. Det nyder hun. Hun tølter fint afsted i middeltempo, og når det er sand og bakket i klitterne, så kan jeg holde hende i den dejligste tølt. Hun og jeg bliver bare bedre fra hver ridetur. Lone og jeg har snakket om, at hun skal have en vejlende kåring til efteråret. Selv synes jeg hun er verdens smukkeste hest, men sådan er det vel med de stolte ejere.
Mange kærlige hilsner

Dorte og Dama, Danmark.

I have been buying horses from Lukka and Langhus for 14 years and have always been so happy. Lukka is honest and fair. I give her and her farm a huge thumbs up for those looking for an Icelandic horse.
Kelly, USA.

Hersir is very well. He is wonderful horse that I really love:) He is so fine, very lively and curious, very willing to please. I ride him myself now and I think it’s not difficult to you to believe that I love to ride him : ) I plan to compete with him in next summer. You wrote me a good description of him and he has just all those good qualities 🙂
Best regards,
Soile, Finland

Hello Lukka,
I will wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year.

Djasn is a very lovely horse with an super character,big temperament and easy to ride. Thank you very much for this beautyful horse. Soon i will send you a photo from us.

Best regards Jutta


Hello Lukka
Later, when she’d had the horse for a while, here’s how he developed:

Many thanks for your e-mail, it´s so nice to hear from you again 🙂
At first I must tell how Hersir is. Last year was succesful competition year. We got at Finnish Championchips silvermedal in fourgait and fith place in T1. We were chosen in Finnish Team to ride in Norway at NC, but I decided not go to so heavy journey. We also competed in Speedpace and got many medals from these too. Now I´m training with Hersir all the gaits for next year and he is still improving. At last weekend we were in the lessons of Gummi Einarsson, who was teaching paceriding here. Hersir does also work couple of hours with disabled children and joying it. He is just a lovely personality, the horse of my life 🙂



Honesty. Unfortunately, all too rare in the horse world, but Lukka has it. Our mare from Langhus has given us much joy as a riding horse and she also gave us two wonderful young offspring to ride. Credit where credit is due.


Hi, the Icelandics are very nice horses and we get along well with them.
All the horses are very nice to handle for all riders.

Thank you very much for selling (collect) fantastic horses they are just for us, family-horses.

Best regards Anita


3 month ago i bought my first horse and fulfilled a long dream of mine. His name is Fiton, and originally he is from your stud. He is a wonderful horse. very friendly, adorable and a great horse for the whole family. I love him a lot and I hope that we will be a great team for the rest of our lives. I only wanted to say this. Thank you
Marie, Germany

Hello Lukka,
Maike and Jarl send you best regards !!!

Jarl has settled down fast and is a super horse with quite noble character like a Lord; )

regards Maike


Hello Lukka,
We are very content with Paeja. Yesterday the trainer of Madeleine started to train Paeja a bit and he was very happy with her. He smiled all the time.He thinks that she is very talent for her age and former training. She is fast in tölt and everything and she has a absolut clean beat in all tempos and she has very separated gates. And he thought that her spirit (vilja) was very high and that she will be a great riding horse that everybody can ride and look good. But of course a competetion horse and breeding horse too She is sure of herself and not afraid of anything just a lite bit young horse that need to be educated a bit. And she also begs for sweets!!??? We love her.

Thank you Lukka for a super horse

Take care !!



I have to tell you that Gyjar is the most special horse – he is very
talented – but beyond that he has a special personality that transcends

being a horse. It is hard to describe – but I know you understand what I




Hi Lukka, just checking your website. Makes me think of our visit with you last year. Just want to tell you, that Kvistur is a great joy. Everyone who watches me ride him, admires him and the few trainers and icelandic horse people I allowed to ride him, really liked him a lot. His tolt is coming along nicely. He works for me without being hectic, is friendly and pretty. Has grown a lot and gets stronger every day. Nothing to be desired. Give my love to all the Langhus crew.
Love, Christian


Hello Lukka
Aska har det fint, hun er en super hest og meget dejlig at ride. Jeg rider nu på hende 2-3 gange om ugen og rider meget i skoven – det har hun helt vænnet sig til. Hun har det bedste sind og hun er meget villig til at gå – jeg er meget meget glad for hende.

Bedste hilsner fra
Rikke og Aska, Danmark

There is a little more new on Perla. Her new owner took her to a clinic
recently and the trainer really liked her and they had a very good time and

learned a lot. The lady could not be happier, so a perfect match and

somebody that is willing to learn more and take the horse to clinics. What

fun !

Thanks for finding all the pictures. That really helps.

Take care,


Här går det så fint med hästarna, Jag har nu äntligen fått tid att prova
Skissa! Hon var MYCKET TREVLIG att rida hon gick tryggt fram över

järnvägen,förbi konstiga soptunnor,postlådor….utan att ens titta!

Hon kändes väldigt trygg & säker att rida!