Fun things to do.

You might want to do more fun activities in our neighborhood than taking an Icelandic horse tour at Langhus.

In our neighborhood there are various activities offered, especially in the summertime. You can enjoy the geothermal infinity pool in Hofsos, including the Infinity blue Float there.  You can enjoy guided tours (also guided hiking tours) with a local, enjoy the little local swimming pool and personal cafeteria/lunch offers at Sólgarðar , go trout fishing in good rivers and lakes close to us, tours with boat and the option of sea angling in Skagafjordur, even to Drangey island with it’s millions of nesting birds (f.ex. puffins) are very popular, river rafting on easy or more adventurous rivers are also a thrill. Other activities include historical museums like the fun Automotive museum in Stora-gerdi and the Herring era museum in Siglufjordur, going to the round ups in the fall (where hundreds of horses are herded to the corrals), seeing horse shows and evaluations, going whale watching at Dalvik, visit the Icelandic farm animals zoo at Brúnastaðir, etc. etc. The community is rural, there is a lot of space, but with several villages, so you can enjoy the nature and the freedom at the same time as getting everything you need without much effort.

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