Horses and aurora

You see the strongest Aurora borealis in Iceland and in the world here at Langhus.  We are right in the middle of the aurora belt (see picture) here in Northern Iceland (see the picture of the map), it is a lot stronger than in more southern parts of Iceland. Yes, the northern lights form a belt in a rather limited area around the world.

There is a unique chance here to combine an unique experience with the Icelandic horse and the incredible northern lights in one place.  .  There is no light pollution here (which gives the area a super advantage for northern lights lovers).  And the Gimbur guesthouse, our next door neighbor, has a wonderful upper floor with big windows, perfect for enjoying the northern lights in the comfort of a warm house.  The Gimbur guesthouse also has a very warm outdoor hot tub, where it’s very enjoyable to watch the northern lights sprinkle over the sky.

Combining the Icelandic viking horse with the Aurora Borealis, and geothermal heat energy… well let’s say that’s the true Icelandic arctic north in a comfortable and fun nutshell.

So, to book this, you simply book the Beach ride, or the Viking tour, here at Langhus, and a room at the Gimbur guesthouse.

What people often don’t realize is that the Northern lights are visible in the dark middle of the night, you don’t want any light pollution to enjoy them.  Also, that it takes the eyes 10 minutes to get used to the darkness and see the Northern lights as well as possible, and after that you might want to stay for a long time outdoors to enjoy the show.  And meanwhile, it can get very cold and your fingers and toes start to freeze a lot.  So that is why it’s perfect to come here, have a fun ride, and watch the Northern lights in the evening where you feel warm and comfortable and there is no light pollution 🙂


nordurljos nordurljos-belt

aurora 5   aurora 3



laki is  aurora

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