Hrefna frá Sigríðarstöðum is available. 11 years old. An absolute dream riding horse and a wonderful breeding mare. She went to breeding evaluations in 2016, then she got 8,14 for conformation and 7,88 in main score. If the system was like now that the horse could get a calculated main score as a 4-gaiter without flying pace, that score would have been 1. prize. Gorgeously beautiful with excellent 4 basic gaits, has nice flying pace also. She was bred straight after the evaluations for a several years, but now the owner has to make his herd smaller so she was not bred last summer and is for sale. So, it is 4 years since she was in training, and she was just shod a few days ago. You can not find smoother tölt than she has, she’s like a sofa. She is incredibly good and talented after this long break, has crystal clear tolt, nice trot too, super soft in the mouth, very even and free of stiffness. She has excellent training by top professionals, bends well in the neck, does leg yielding and more basic good work like that. Has a comfortable go and is sensitive in a good way, an easy horse for an experienced rider. Has not been trained at all to become a beginner horse. Very calm about the rider, goes easily alone and in company. In brand new surroundings she can be a bit hesitant, but always willing to please. Trailer loads easily. Easy to shoe. Has always been healthy. Good prospect for an exellent broodmare, or as a riding horse to take for higher level riding school. Can become a good competition horse in lower level competitions. And also simply a great sofa and flashy horse to ride on in fun rides or on horse trekkings. The video was taken after she had been ridden 8 times, so it gives a good idea about how her she is when in no shape, such a nice horse. But of course she has a lot more speed and footlift when she is in shape. The picture where she is posing was taken a few days ago. You don’t often see a mare that has been busy with being pregnant and not being ridden for 4 years that is so elegant. She is a total beauty. The other pictures were taken at the breeding evaluations she went to, she’s good looking with good footlift. The descriptions in her evaluation sheet are also very nice. This is simply a wonderful riding horse and excellent breeding mare. She is in Fljót in Skagafjörður, in the middle of Northern Iceland. She is on shoes and in light training so it’s easy to come try her out. We can drive her for you to a stallion located in central Northern Iceland without extra costs for you and there is also a young and promising stallion on the farm which you can breed her to. The father is palomino, so she might possibly carry the creme gene and then have palomino or buckskin foals. More information about price etc. in PM or telephone +354-8478716 . Video at