Laufskalarett horse roundups


We can do this tour for bigger groups, but you can book it if you have a group of 4 or more participants.  The participants have to be intermediate riders or experienced riders.  Less experienced riders have gone on the tour but then they have to be courageous and with pretty good balance.  We plan this tour on a personal level with the group that wants to come, but this is the basic plan:

  1. On day one you come for a 3 hour ride, you get a basic introduction to the riding here, we fit the saddles and pick out horses that are a good fit for each rider, and then we go on a long version of the Viking tour ride.
  2. On day two you come for a 4 hour ride, and then we go on a tour which is a mix of the Beach ride and the Wilderness ride (the whole experience can be 5 hours), a long tour with nature and beauty and a bit of speed and also a good break with refreshments and serenity.
  3. On day three you go for a sightseeing tour on your own (but we help with planning of course, going whale watching, and to Myvatn and Akureyri is f.ex. popular) while we prepare the big day.  There is a big, very popular, horse event happening at Saudarkrokur this evening, which we include as one of the highlights of your visit here.
  4. On day four we start the day in the morning with others going to join the roundups ride, at Sleitustadir.  We go then in a group of a few hundred riders, by an excellent gravel path, and gradually we see the highlands better, we will see how the huge groups of horses flow over the meadows to join together in a bigger and bigger river of horses, with a bigger and bigger river of riders flowing with them, and we become a part of the flow.  It is impossible to describe the feeling of joining such a stream of horses and people in a happy feeling of the moment, one can only live it.
  5. Then we unsaddle the horses in a pasture next-door to the Laufskalarett corral, and have refreshments to eat and drink.  We go then to the corral and watch as the farmers find their horses and part them so each farmer gets his own horses together in a herd.
  6. We end by going to a farm and have a hearty soup together.  The whole experience for day 3 lasts the day.

There are also more events connected to the Laufskalarett weekend, like a huge dance party (1-2000 participants) in Saudarkrokur, open houses at horse farms in Skagafjordur, a horse competition in Saudarkrokur, and more.

Duration and price:

Program for 3 days + ticket to the horse show/event + light refreshments on day 2 and refreshments and soup on day 4.

Accommodation and driving not included.

Price 80 000 ISK (ca. 600 EUR/ca. 700 $) per person.

Meeting point:

On day 1 and 2, at the Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477

On the round ups day at Sleitustadir, you’ll get directions from us how to get there.


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Fantastiskt att se alla hästar på väg ner till Laufskalarett

Posted by Frida Lindström on Sunday, 27 September 2015