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The beach ride.

The beach ride, on our black volcanic sand beaches, kissed by the Arctic ocean, is ever so wonderful 🙂  We love taking guests to the beach 🙂 Our horse tours are in full operation, and [...]

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Dýna is for sale.

Dýna IS2007265620  from Gilsbakka is for sale.  She is a 150 cm tall mare, 8 years old. So, super tall, easy to ride, super color, smooth to ride on. Dýna is 5-gaited. The tolt is [...]

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Our area is a ski-lovers dream.

A little piece of heaven. The ski area Skarðsdalur is our neighbour. Us, the whole family, went as often before skiing there today - and loved it as always. Combining a day with horse tour [...]

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Lick it up…

Lick it up... Life's such a treat and it's time you taste it, there ain't a reason on earth to waste it... (Kiss ). Eyrir and Katina tasting life 🙂 Today at Langhus farm.

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It was a cold and windy day today, so we took on winter overalls and hats and went to ride.  Oskadis from Langhusum greeted Láki, relaxed and happy, and curious to see her friend.  Isn't [...]

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Soon we will have foals…

Today there are just 7 weeks until we can expect the first foals to be born. There should be 6 foals born on Langhus farm this summer. I look so much forward to it, joy [...]

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