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Snapshots from our life this week.

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Silver dapple mare foal.

It is funny, that when a silver dapple is born, the color looks like you've taken your black pants, let them lie in chlorine for a day, and then washed them 10 times in the [...]

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Brand new and fresh babies.

Two days ago, I went to check on the mares as I do every morning. Then Gla├░ning had thrown her baby earlier in the morning, and Drifa had just thrown her baby ­čÖé┬á┬áBeautiful start of [...]

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How to find us.

I just updated my page, for some practical information for those that come here. You're welcome to come for guided trail rides and day tours, or to enjoy our service with helping you to find [...]

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Authorization from the Icelandic tourist board.

As we are opening up another service on our farm, and offering short and longer riding tours, we want of course an official licence and recognition for the service we are offering.  And, we are [...]

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Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. That is what we Icelanders say today, Christmas starts here at 6 p.m. on the 24., the evening is our biggest moment of celebration at Christmas. But we definitely celebrate the 13 days [...]

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Rei├░sk├│li e├░a Hestaleiga ?