WE HAVE AN OPEN POSITION from ca. 1. January 2017.
We are looking for somebody that is ready to stay for at least about a couple of months, has ridden lots and taken care of horses, and has experience with Icelandic horses (IT IS A REQUIREMENT), and preferably that has been an assistant guide on tours with tourists before (we do occational riding tours with tourists in the wintertime). Room and board is provided, and you just live with our family and become a part of our gang. The work can be ca. 4 hours of stable work and riding or similar per day, and of course you can get days off if you want to go and explore.  If you have experience with training young green horses, this can be a good opportunity for you to learn more. And you of course learn a lot about the Icelandic horse, riding and taking care of the horses, and about the country that molded our beloved horses.