We are watching the herd of youngsters and broodmares very closely every day, as it’s summer time and foals are expected at different times.  But, in spite of that, we still get surprices.  We went yesterday to fetch the herd and take them to a different pasture, when we were surpriced.  After having checked on the herd 3 hours earlier, all of a sudden a little baby girl had popped out into this sunny world.  She became everybody’s favorite, ours, the children’s, the other mare’s, well all the other horses… we couldn’t let the newborn baby run so mother and baby got the luxury treatment of going to the new pasture by trailer, where they have ca. 7 hectares to play on, and many other playmates… when mum and daughter become interested, right now they simply spend their time loving each other and don’t care at all about what the herd is doing 🙂

Mother is Drífa from Keldulandi, a super fun riding mare, pretty and talented, and strawberry roan.   Father is IS2007157006 – Hvítserkur frá Sauðárkróki, 5 year old, that has already gotten 9 for tolt.  Here you can see pictures from when we were moving the mare, daugther, and then the herd.