dyna IMG_4232Dýna IS2007265620  from Gilsbakka is for sale.  She is a 150 cm tall mare, 8 years old. So, super tall, easy to ride, super color, smooth to ride on. Dýna is 5-gaited. The tolt is smooth and easy to ask for it, with nice footlift and speed range. The trot is fast, clear beat, and easy to ask for it. The flying pace is there and with nice speed, but hasn’t been trained really. Dýna is very easy to catch, and good on the ground, friendly. She has gone on a lot of long trail rides with the family and when we do horse tours with tourists she has been ridden by riders with some experience, and done very well. She’s getting ready to be ridden by rather novice riders. She has had a beautiful foal with excellent movements, so she’s fertile and a good mother. We can breed her to a stallion on our farm this summer and include that in her price.