Our Animals at Langhús

We are very enthusiastic and proud breeders that always look for the best animals for breeding, and we simply love animals of all kinds.  Here is a little bit about our animals.  We have:

Icelandic horses, the wonderful 5-gaited breed.  We breed horses, train them, raise them.  We have about 40 horses of all ages and training stages.

Icelandic sheep dogs, the wonderfully friendly and fun dog that is our cultural heritage.  They are our friends and companions all days, they also help us with driving animals.  We also breed them.

Icelandic sheep, the hardy, independent, quick-growing and colorful breed that was the key to survival for people in Iceland in the old times.

Icelandic cows, the hardy and colorful breed that can milk so well from pretty meagre feed.

We also have pets, we have a couple of bunnies, many fish (goldfish, koi, guppies and more), and a lovely russian dwarf hamster.

You can find more information about all the animals that we breed in their own special columns on the web page.

Orri Sigurbjörn and the ram, Golsi.