The Icelandic sheepdog is a popular family dog, they are gentle and kind dogs, friendly and have no aggression, not hyperactive, they love company, to relax and enjoy life, or to play and hike when their people are doing fun stuff.  They’re rather small, so they’re a good size for modern family life, and their cute smiling face and friendly attitude makes them popular happy friends and family dogs wherever they go.  They are direct descendants of dogs that our viking ancestors brought with them when they settled Iceland 1100 years ago, and have been more or less isolated here ever since.

We have occationaly litters of purebred Icelandic sheepdogs for sale, and are f.ex. planning having a litter in the spring or summer of 2018.

In the summer of 2017 we had two litters.  All the parents have a good show record, and are gentle and fun family dogs.

More details about the puppies here below, for the fun of it.

News from the spring of 2017:

The puppies change a lot within the next few weeks.  The greyish color will mostly or totally vanish from the puppies marked “red” and they will become pure red.  The greyish color will also mostly or totally vanish from the “yellow” puppies and they will become yellow or fawn.  The tail will curl up into they typical circle.  The ears will pup up and rise into the typical raised earset.  The bluish shade in the eyes will become brown.  Those that have a pink nose will have a black nose later.

  1. litter – mother is Arnarstaða-Skrudda, pedigree IS16676/12  and father is Fagrahvamms Rimmugýgur, pedigree IS18338/13
Skrudda, rauður rakki

Red boy (male).

Skrudda, rauður rakki, mikið hvítt

Red and white boy (male).

Skrudda, tík, rauð

Red and white girl (female).

Mother:  Skrudda.

IMG_0322 IMG_0326 IMG_0330 IMG_0338 IMG_0339

2. litter – mother is Gerplu Ronja Nös – pedigree IS16077/11 and father is Fagrahvamms Rimmugýgur, pedigree IS18338/13

Ronja, gulur rakki með hosur en enga týru

Yellow boy (male) with socks.

Ronja, rauður ? með hvíta sokka. Lítil týra, smá hvít "nös".

Red boy (male) with socks and blaze.

Ronja, svartur rakki með hvíta sokka.

Black boy (male) with white socks and chest.

Ronja, gulur rakki, mikið hvítur

Red or yellow boy with many white markings.

Ronja, svarblesótt tík.

Black girl (female) with blaze.

Ronja, svört tík með smá hosur.

Black girl (female) with socks and white chest.

Ronja, svarflekkótt tík, mikið hvít.

Black girl (female) with many white markings.

Father, Rimmugýgur:

rimmugýgur 3 rimmugýgur 4 rimmugýgur 5

Mother, Ronja:

Ronja 5 Ronja 4 Ronja 3 Ronja 2 Ronja 1