The winter training season is started at Langhus farm.  We have not stabled 6 horses and one foal, all owned by us.  And the funny thing is that of them, that they are so colorful.  Yes, we love colors, and we love horses of good pedigree, but the result of our interest and breeding is really showing now.  These are the horses:

Náttúra – black pinto mare.

Æska – black pinto mare

Sæla – grey mare

Árvakur – chestnut pinto gelding

Atlas – black gelding (ok)

Hersing – black pinto roan (color changer) mare

Fóstra – silver dapple mare foal.

And, we are starting some of them under saddle, others are heading for evaluation, the foal is of course simply  growing up.  The winter is really here, the days are short and we have quite some snow, but we have fun with the horses.

For fun, here is a picture of Hersing.  The roan color makes her black spots change through the year, in the fall and spring she looks virtually white with a black head and tail, in mid winter she looks ordinary black pinto, and in the summer time the roan is very clear, causing some people to think she is grey pinto.  She’s like a new horse all the time.