Project Description

Advertisment from 2021.

I have a blue dun mare for sale, Krissa, 10 years old, good size, ca. 140 cm. Trailer loads easily. Calm towards other horses in the herd. She’s very pretty, and very calm, when saddling up she just stood very patiently and no fuss. We were three there going on a ride and she wasn’t even tied when saddled up, she just stood there (in the stable though) totally still. I touched her reins lightly when hopping up and she stood totally still. I was actually not hopping up elegantly, it was a saddle I wasn’t used to and it was very cold so I was in a winter overall and lots of clothes up, and she was very patient as I wiggled up. She has nice energy, is calm at the same time, just willing to please. Super easy and fun energy for an a bit experienced rider. She’s not lazy, not dying to go, simply listens very well. Her tolt is super smooth! So nice tölt. Nice speed range, and she’s fine with both going slower and faster. She can trot but prefers the tölt totally, you have to work on getting the trot. But it’s of course super fun when they love tölting. These natural tolter are though often horses that do not have top quality tölt, but her tölt is super smooth. I both rode her in company and alone and she is fine with both without questioning anything. She just asked calmly “what do you want me to do?”. Strongly built, yet elegant. Good with cars. She has also been ridden, where she lived before, in an area very active stable with lots of riders, dogs, traffic (it’s a stable area with lots of privately owned stables, hundreds of privately owned horses and lots of people coming and going to ride and to take care of the horses). So she is very experienced regarding all sorts of stuff. She’d be a great horse for an experienced rider (as an experienced rider having fun rides) but I know I could train her too to take care of beginners on my tourist tours. This is the kind of horse that adjusts very well to the job she is asked to do. I’d say the only thing I’d say I’d take 2-3 sessions on if I’d own her was to train her to stop softly. She’s a super likeable horse for all sorts of fun and work, she’s an all round horse. Has been bred without complications and had babies.

I have a lot of videos I can send to you, but here is one at Youtube (Krissa).