Project Description

Lukka is a trained and experienced mare, probably homozygous pinto (so all her foals will become pinto and colorfull), and with good temperament.  She’s courageous, has good energy and willing to go, but very easy for a little bit experienced rider, simply a fun companion and playmate.  She loves to tolt, is 5-gaited, with easy gaits.  Average smooth to ride on.  Can be bred before export.

Meaning of name: Luck, “The happy one”.
Age: 8 (born 2008)
Color: (Probably homozygous pinto) Ink spot black pinto / tobiano (svart skäck /  sort broget / brúnskjótt.
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2008255625.
Size: 137 cm
Sire (father): IS1988155625 – Geisli frá Fremri-Fitjum.
Dam (mother): IS2002256851 – Rák frá Höskuldsstöðum.
Price:  450.000 isk (ca. 3100 $, ca. 2800 EUR).

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