Project Description

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Fálki a colt that is silver dapple and roan (color changer), possibly splash carrier, with good blodlines, born 2020.  We have started and ridden several of his sisters under saddle and they are wonderful riding horses, with good temperament and lots of tölt and trot.  We have done basic training of a bunch of yearlings after his father and they’ve been unusually easy, quick to learn, willing to please, showing lots of tölt and trot.  There are many highly evaluated horses in his blodlines, and we are planning to show his father in the summer 2021 and of course planning for him to become a 1. prize stallion (he’s got a 1. prize sister and a 1. prize cousin (mare)).  We can send you lots of videos of Fönix.  Contact us at for more info.

Video of Fálki on Youtube.  

Sire (father): IS2015158036 – Fönix frá Langhúsum, after IS2007166206 – Eldur frá Torfunesi
Dam (mother): IS2002235578 – Svala frá Hvanneyri
Meaning of name: Arctic gear falcon.
Age: Born in June 2020
Color: Silver dapple roan ( vindott och constant skimmel / silver dappel color changer / móvindótt litföróttur.