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Abbadís from Dæli, IS2016255065, is looking for a good future home.
🌟Brave and calm.
🌟Smooth tölt, 5 good gaits.
🌟Black pinto.
🌟7 years old.
🌟Talented mare.
She’s absolutely huge for a mare, 144 cm tall (14.1 hands) and muscular, so she’s a tall and strong Icelandic horse, especially for a mare.
She is 5 gaited, all gaits are good. She’s though been trained as a 4-gaiter, with good basic gaits, but now we’ve asked her a few times for flying pace, and she offers it easily. She is totally ready as a great riding horse, but in competent hands she can keep on developing a lot and get even better gaits, as she’s got her whole life ahead of her. She is comfortable in all gaits, and the tolt is a total sofa smooth tölt.
She is friendly, easy to catch in pasture, easy to shoe, trailerloads easily, used to fly spray, perfect with other horses in the pasture and out on riding tours, good when teeth are floated (rasped), calm in the stable, respects fences perfectly, loves to be combed and taken care of, simply always willing to please and easy going.
We have a working horse farm and are in tourism, the stable and yard is very busy and she’s very used to all sorts of things going on around her.
She’s been ridden on and off for 3 years, might have been in training for 15 months in her life, some indoors in arena (in hand and under saddle), but mostly out on trail, both in all sorts of off-road terrain, and on narrow country side roads with traffic (cars, tractors, noisy huge trailers, and more). Used to be ridden in all kinds of weather (heavy rain, wind, howling snow, virtually blizzards… and sun and beautiful weather).  Never any “mareish” behavior, just her usual self when she’s in heat.

She’s had some professional training and schooling by us the pro trainers, but ridden a lot by young people on our farm, that are experienced riders but not experienced with training young Icelandic horses, and she’s behaved very well with all of them and been several people’s favorite horse.
We do horse daytours for tourists, and us the staff on the tours have ridden on her countless times, where she’s gained a lot of experience with doing all sorts of things in all sorts of weird situations. She goes as a handhorse, and goes without hesitating into big rivers, over all terrain here.
She is the perfect riding horse for an experienced rider that likes a horse that is courageous, ready for relaxing and going slow, or working and going fast. A rider that wants to develop a good horse to a higher level, or someone looking for an excellent broodmare prospect. A rider that wants a calm steady friend with a good mind, to have a good time with.
She’s a nice beginner horse in the arena/paddock, but probably a bit too quick for them on the trail, might change if she’d be trained with beginners in mind.
Would also be a fun horse on the trail for an intermediate rider.
She’s raised at a professional horse farm, and now we’ve owned her for almost 3 years. She’s been perfectly taken care of her whole life, good hoof trimming, well fed, never any health problems. She’s always had a problem free behavior from day one in her training.
She is standing at our Langhus horse farm in Northern Iceland. We provide all help with the export process and further transport to your home, it is actually quite a simple process. She can be boarded on our farm this winter, and taken to a stallion next summer, if you want to export her in foal.
Video at:  Video of Abbadís on Youtube.   Contact us at for more info.

Age: Born in June 2016

Color: Black pinto.


Black pinto Icelandic mare for sale.  A great horse.