Project Description

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Feykir IS2009184892
Export is easy and no troubles for horses to travel between countries, we take care of the whole process.
Video link here below.
Feykir is a super steady gelding, very courageous about surroundings.
Very experienced, used to dogs and cars and various traffic in a busy livery stable area.
Good on the ground, calm and chill.
4 gaited with crystal clear tölt and trot.
The tölt is super smooth.
The trot is medium comfortable, strong with good beat.
Looks good in his gaits, can be quite flashy in movements.
Good quality canter and gallop, gives a good seat and is comfortable in it.
Adjusts well to expectations, is a calm horse for a rider that is looking for such a horse, but a rider that loves speed can also get him easily to do speedy stuff.
Is good for novice riders that ride in company.
Is a gorgeous and super fun horse for an experienced rider that wants a horse that can do it all, but is steady and behaves wonderfully.
Easy to catch.
Trailer loads easily.
Good in shoeing.
Is on shoes and a bit of training (written in February 2021).
11 years old.
Located in Northern Iceland.
Video at If you want to scroll directly to seeing the gaits, they start on minute 5.
PM for more info.