Project Description

Eyrir is a very talented riding horse, with excellent speed range, fast tolt and trot, and excellent footlift.  Good competition prospect for club competition or youth competition in tolt or 4-gait.  He has a good energy, loves to go forward, but is totally under control, ready to work hard at full speed and also ready to relax, just depending on what the rider asks for.  He is a very good boy, always willing to please, and wants to do his best.  He can easily go from very slow tolt to very fast tolt, the tolt is smooth and lovely to sit on, and he loves to tolt, it’s a favorite gait of his.  The trot has big steps and is fast and powerful.  The canter and gallop has a good rocking-chair feeling, has an excellent movement.  The walk is top quality, with big steps and back feet cross well over the footsteps of the front feet.  He has been schooled a lot, he knows how to back, leg yield, sidestep, turn on the forehand and hind legs, and leg yield to both sides in tolt too.   His clues are very well tuned, it is as easy as changing gears to go between walk, trot, tolt, left canter and right canter, and between the different dressage exercises.  He is sensitive in a good way, listens very well to fine tuned clues from the rider.  He is super on the ground, stands still for saddling even though there are children and dogs romping around him, is very safe on the ground, and loves to be brushed and taken care of.  He is friendly in pasture, comes running to say hi to people, without being pushy, easy to catch.  He is easy to shoe, a total gentleman.  He trailer loads easily.  He is very good offroad, sure on his feet and brave in very uneven ground.  He goes as easily alone as in company.  He is rather experienced, has been in riding lessons, easy on the road though cars are passing him, has gone on long tours off road, has been in competitions, he is very level headed everywhere.  He is never fat, so he can get more than average of pasture and hay without gaining too much weight, and that is of course wonderful for a horse.  He is tall, has an elegant conformation but quite an average weight carrier.  With his long legs, elegant body, and slender and beautifully raised neck, he is sure to catch people’s admiration wherever he goes.  He has strong hooves, and has never been ill or had accidents, has always had his dewormer, his teeth floated, and good and healthy feed.

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Sire (father): IS2001158280 – Baugur frá Víðinesi 2  (1. prize stallion with 8.48, with 9 for tolt and trot).
Dam (mother): IS2001258461 – Eydís frá Þúfum.
Meaning of name: Dime.
Age: 10 (born 2007)
Color: Chestnut pinto (rödskäck / rauðskjóttur).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007158163

Height: 143 cm

Price 1 000 000 isk (ca. 7100 EUR, ca. 7700 $).

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