We have often had students here, that have been studying in various fields of agronomy, that have done internship here. We have also had people here for shorter or longer time, that have helped on the farm in various ways with not a heavy workload in exchange for bed and board and for simply having a fun time in Iceland without the cost of living  Some have even been studying in (non agriculture) schools abroad and enjoyed the adventure being here in Iceland at the same time. Some have helped in the house with cleaning and cooking, others have taken care of the cleaning and feeding in the horse stable, others have helped in the cow stable with cleaning and sweeping, many of them have wanted and had some of our horses for training or for leisure riding. This has usually worked out very well, people have had fun, an easy work load, and we have had help on the farm. Sometimes two friends have come together for good company. It has been a matter of agreement each time exactly what the chores would be and how much. If you or somebody around you are interested in something like this, in nearer or further future, don’t hesitate to contact us.