The last foal of the summer was born at midnight june 19th. A black-pinto filly after our silver dapple Svala and Hvitserkur fra Sauðarkroki. Unfortunately not silver dapple-pinto, but two out of three ain´t bad  🙂



We had been waiting for Glaðning to throw her foal sired by Álfur frá Selfossi, an honorary prized stallion. At midnight a few days ago she gave birth to chestnut-pinto foal, not a mare as we had wished for but perhaps a future stallion. The whole thing only took about 30 minutes, no matter how often one witnesses a foal getting born, its always a magical moment .

On the 28. May, the main foaling-season is in full swing. We had gotten 3 of expected 5 foals. Two days ago Drifa( the strawberry roan) gave birth to a bay colt sired by Hnokki from Þúfum. Hersing (the black pinto-roan) was very close to throwing her first foal ever, and being “green” in the business of motherhood she decided to become a fostermother. She showed the real mother full courtesy and did not try to steal the foal or feed it, but she followed them like a shadow and protected the foal from every other curious horse in the group, and was much more protective than the “real” mom. I was a bit worried that when she threw her own foal she might not want it, having already gotten one she considered her own. So she was checked every two-hours this night, and just before 4 am she gave birth to a black roan mare-foal, sired by Sjóður from Kirkjubæ. I need not have worried, the foster-foal was forgotten at once as she now has her own “my precious” .

The black roan mare foal is after Sjóður from Skagaströnd (8.60 with Hróður and Sær in his blodlines) and Hersing from Langhúsum (7.77). The foal is 1 week old week old. —