Each summer there is a special day at Knappstadir.  There is one of the 2 oldest timber churches in Iceland there, and it’s tiny, maybe 25 people can sit there.  There is one congregation per year, and this summer it was 10. July.   On that day there is always a big group of people coming, 2-3 times more than the church can take, so people simply sit in the graveyard.  After the service there is coffee and cakes in the graveyard (we simply all bring a cake and then eat together), and we have such a good time together.  There is always sun on that day.  Many of the people coming always come on horseback, and as usual, me and our 11 yo son Heimir went to the church and to take part of the groupride.  At http://www.feykir.is/archives/37841 you can see pictures of the church, the coffee and cakes, and the surroundings, and here below you can see my pictures from the groupride.