We’ll start offering guided TRAIL RIDES / horse trekking here on my farm next summer. I have now several nice steady horses, family and work horses, and some of them used for competitions. So, I will open a “Short trail rides” service in the spring 2014. It will be 1-5 hour long rides, and can be custom made to our visitors. We can do short tours from the farm, and also trailer horses for a few minutes where trails to gorgeous valleys, highland areas and mountain passes are, where one could do both shorter and longer tours (1-4 hours). We’d expect people to book ahead. We can easily take 2-6 guests. I’m in the planning stage, if I get bookings for bigger groups now during winter (that is, if you book now for a bigger group next summer), I’ll have the flexibility to receive bigger groups next summer. On the other hand, our plan is to keep this on a bit personal level, so people can see the Icelandic nature, the background of the horses and what made them what they are (the sometimes harsh and sometimes wonderful nature, the breeding, the people and the culture), get lessons if they want, get to know excellent horses and visit an Icelandic mixed farm with horses, cows and sheep. We’d operate in June-December, and can also receive people during January-May if booked well ahead. I attach some pictures I’ve taken when trail riding in the neighbourhood, so you can see the scenery on some of the trails I’m offering rides to :)  We can custom make a vacation for you, partly or fully.  For example we reccommend  good guesthouses or leisure houses in the neighbourhood, reccommend or take you to sightseeing, whale watching and more in Northern Iceland, take you to farms to look for your dream horse if you want to buy a horse, etc.  Feel free to contact us for prices your custom made short trail ride or a longer vacation.  Prices are fair.  If you’d be interested in coming for trail riding or cooperating with us in some way, feel free to contact us. www.icelandichorse.is icelandichorse@icelandichorse.is +00354-8478716 or send us a message on Facebook :)