Hrönn IS2003258037 from Langhúsum.

Meaning of name: Ocean wave.
Age: 10 (born 2003)
Color:  Chestnut (Fux/ röd / rauð).
Level: Beginners / novice riders / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2006257005.

Has been ridden extensively for 6 years, in very various circumstances, very courageous, experienced and easy.  Willing to please, has nice energy and works hard, but very easy to control.  Courageous under saddle.  Easy to catch, very friendly and comes to spend time with you if you’re near.  Loves to be brushed and pampered, good on the ground.  Very smooth and easy tolt and trot, has always been ridden as a 4-gaiter.  Fast to learn.  Knows the basic leg yielding and backing and other such flexion work.  Has done most things, and can adjust to most or all things horses do.  Nice competition horse, super family horse, fun to ride for experienced riders but has been good with inexperienced people too, totally controllable.  Very nice broodmare prospect, to breed talented horses that are easy to train and everybody loves.  Excellent riding school prospect for the ambitious riding school.  Trailer loads easily.  Excellent pedigree, with several of the most famous super breeding stallions in the history of the Icelandic horse in her pedigree..  Has splash white gene as a little icing on the cake.  Not bred, is in full training (can be bred before export).  Has been the main riding horse of her teenage owner, that has been learning about professional horsemanship for years on a farm where he helps out and keeps his horse (with his professional horse trainer relatives), he has taken her to countless riding lessons, has dong long horse trekkings on her, gone many times to competitions with nice results (4-gait), ridden several times in shows in a riding arena full of a cheering crowd, she’s been ridden a lot in a town of 1500 people, with a lot of traffic, dogs, running people, been ridden by the ocean and more.  And she just takes it all in a stride.  Blup 109.

So many people are looking for a good, easy, very experienced horse, that is safe and smooth and well trained.  Here she is 🙂  These horses are rarely for sale, this is a very interesting oppurtunity.

Sire (father): IS1995135993 – Hróður frá Refsstöðum (Evaluated 1. prize, 4-gaited with 8,69 for talents, 7,94 for conformation, 8,39 in main score, has honorary prize for offspring, a super famous stallion).

Dam (mother): IS1989265904 – Dögg frá Halldórsstöðum (daughter of Hervar from Sauðárkróki).

Video 1 (gait demo with her teenage owner )  

Video 2 (showing her easy going temperament)