In this tour we combine the experience of:

  • Riding on easy paths where it is good to try out the famous gait tolt (the special gait of the Icelandic horse)
  • Riding off road, and experience how sure footed and sturdy the Icelandic horse is, on the hillsides of the green and striking Barð mountain
  • Spectacular view over the country side here and the grand lake Miklavatn (and the ocean in the distance)
  • Visualizing how the locals round up the sheep from the huge highlands on these tough, calm and brave horses
  • How the farmers and other locals live with the beautiful nature here.
  • Getting the inside information, and the questions answered, about the Icelandic country life in Northern Iceland
  • Seeing a little bit of ancient ruins peeking out of the ground here and there, and learning about the history and living conditions here in the old days.
  • Getting (usually local) refreshments in the break.

Intermediate riding skills are needed.  Speed and length of ride can be adjusted a bit to the riders, but one needs a bit of balance so it is not a good tour for absolute beginners.

Duration and price:

3 hours ride, including refreshments (where the whole experience can be 4 hours), price 17 000 ISK.

4 hours ride, including refreshments (where the whole experience can be 5 hours), price 22 000 ISK.

Meeting point:

The Langhus farm, where the roads 76 and 787 cross. Gps dots are N66°03.653 and W019°07.280 or 66,060942 and 19,121477


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