These pictures are taken in the end of June 2013. Then the foal Kempa was newborn, and mum and she were on the way to a stallion, to join his band of mares in a huge pasture, to stay there untill fall. Kempa (hero) has this name, as the mother got hit by a car this winter, so hard that the car was almost ruined, but the mother didn´t have a single blemish, and the foal is perfect 🙂 She is a black pinto mare, her mum is after Gaukur from Skeljabrekku (1. prize), and her dad is Hvítserkur from Sauðárkróki, 1. prize, 4-gaited with 9 for tolt (when he was only 5 years old 🙂
The stallion they went to is Stakkur from Flugumýri, a 3 year old colt with 122 in BLUP and the famous parents Sif from Flugumýri (8,40) and Hróður from Refsstöðum (8,39)