Merry Christmas. That is what we Icelanders say today, Christmas starts here at 6 p.m. on the 24., the evening is our biggest moment of celebration at Christmas. But we definitely celebrate the 13 days of Christmas, on the 25. many families meet for cakes and celebrations, ca. on the 26. many people go to Christmas dances, where 1-101 year olds dance around the Christmas tree, sing Christmas songs, eat goodies and have a good time together. 31. of December is the evening of fireworks and bonfires and celebrations (we have a world record in amount of shot fireworks per capita – and in number of horses per capita 🙂 and the evening of 1. January is an evening for formal dinners or wild parties. On the 13. day of Christmas, on 6. January, we again eat well (“knock out Christmas”), do bonfires and meet trolls and Yule lads (yes, we have 13 Santas) and the “hidden people” (beautiful elves). And in my opinion winter never starts untill on the January, when we start packing down some of the Christmas decorations 🙂
We at Langhus wish you all a wonderful time of joy now, with peace and relaxation, with pretty candle lights, with friendship and joyful smiles.