Update, 2017 puppies born. Icelandic sheepdog puppies for sale. The breed is: Friendly, loves people, medium size, loves to play and hike, loves to relax and cuddle, smart, quick to learn, courageous, adapt well, rare [...]

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Icelandic sheepdog puppies on the way.

We have purebred Icelandic sheepdog, this ancient breed which has been here in Iceland since the time of the settlers, around year 900 AD.  Our viking ancestors brought with them their best dogs, and then [...]

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Work/internship on the farm.

WE HAVE AN OPEN POSITION from ca. 1. January 2017. We are looking for somebody that is ready to stay for at least about a couple of months, has ridden lots and taken care of [...]

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Our horse tours are open all year round.

Our horse tours are open all year round. The beauty and the peace at this time of the year are virtually without limits. Here we are coming home from a ride with two tourists. And [...]

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Riding on ice.

It is an old tradition in Iceland to ride on ice.  The horses have spikes on the winter shoes and  stand easily on the ice, even when going pretty fast.  Here Láki is riding on [...]

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Our horse tours are open

We have horses in training 12 months per year. So, if you are travelling during the winter, be welcome here on an adventure with an Icelandic horse and a local guide, a farmer at Langhus [...]

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