Langhus Lukka Horse tours and Finding your dream horse.



Easter holidays ride.

We went on a wonderful Easter ride with friends in Siglufjörður town today. Life with horses in Iceland is simply good.

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Our social media – join us 🙂

We are on several platforms in Social media website.  Feel free to follow us on: Facebook - Langhus farm - langhushorsetourslukka Twitter - Langhus horse tours Pinterest - Langhus horse tours in Northern Iceland

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Children are the future of horsemanship.

The children in our neighborhood come regularly to ride with us. It is a wonderful privilege to see the future horsemen and horsegirls grow up here 

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Dalmatian sheep – just for fun.

We have dalmatian spotted sheep at Langhus farm Icelandic horse tours 🙂

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The mountains on an Icelandic horseback ride.

The mountains and lake here were totally enchanting today. We live in paradise. Be welcome to a horse tour here, to ride to the mountains we love to pieces 🙂

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Wonderful Harpa, one of our first broodmares.

One of our first broodmares, Harpa IS1995235617 from Neðri-Hrepp, the picture is taken when her daughter Hersing was created. The stallion Heimir from Vatnsleysu is in a good mood there, and Harpa galloping joyfully along [...]

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