Langhus Lukka Horse tours and Finding your dream horse.



Dalmatian sheep – just for fun.

We have dalmatian spotted sheep at Langhus farm Icelandic horse tours 🙂

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The mountains on an Icelandic horseback ride.

The mountains and lake here were totally enchanting today. We live in paradise. Be welcome to a horse tour here, to ride to the mountains we love to pieces 🙂

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Wonderful Harpa, one of our first broodmares.

One of our first broodmares, Harpa IS1995235617 from Neðri-Hrepp, the picture is taken when her daughter Hersing was created. The stallion Heimir from Vatnsleysu is in a good mood there, and Harpa galloping joyfully along [...]

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We are so happy about the google reviews about our horse tours.

Our horse tours on Icelandic horses at Langhus farm, are getting great reviews on Google, all of them are five stars.  We are so happy, thank you, those that have been visiting us, for being [...]

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Work with Icelandic horses in Iceland, on an Icelandic horse farm?

Are you looking for work with Icelandic horses in Iceland, on an Icelandic horse farm?  We have people assisting on our horse farm, all year round, so feel welcome to contact us.  It is though [...]

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Oh what a beautiful winter.

Oh, what a cold, beautiful day at Langhus horse tours today, so us in the family went riding together   Our horse tours are open all year round.

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