Langhus Lukka Horse tours and Finding your dream horse.




Our beach waits ever so patiently for nature loving visitors. Mindfulness is the word for this little piece of heaven. Be welcome to Langhus horse tours.

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The time and the water.

The beach , oh... the peaceful and black north Atlantic beach... "The time is like the water, and the water is cold and deep, like my own consciousness"... (by the poet Steinn Steinarr). Tíminn er [...]

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Happy Easter to the world.

Spring and new life is arriving in our garden. How fitting on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you from Langhus horse tours.

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Easter holidays ride.

We went on a wonderful Easter ride with friends in Siglufjörður town today. Life with horses in Iceland is simply good.

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Our social media – join us 🙂

We are on several platforms in Social media website.  Feel free to follow us on: Facebook - Langhus farm - langhushorsetourslukka Twitter - Langhus horse tours Pinterest - Langhus horse tours in Northern Iceland

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Children are the future of horsemanship.

The children in our neighborhood come regularly to ride with us. It is a wonderful privilege to see the future horsemen and horsegirls grow up here 

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