Our horse tours are open, even though it’s just March.  Our operation is open all year round.

We love horse tours. It’s been our passion, all our life. To go out in the nature, be a team with our horse, and cross beautiful places, and sometimes tough landscape, that molded our beloved Icelandic horse. To have the companionship of other horse lovers, and to just live and breath the fresh air in the nature, and feel the rhythm of life.
And then we started offering others to come with us. And like with all trekking companions, you design the tour with us. We have several tour options to give ideas, but you choose with us which way you want to go, on what kind of horses, how long, and how challenging. We can also help with accommodation, with other things to do when not riding, etc. Just feel free to contact us and we make something wonderful together, and more important, have fun 🙂


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