I woke up at 6:45 to wake up Heimir Sindri Þorláksson , as he was going to help our good friends at Molastaðir to round up sheep. These days the sheep farmers in our area are very busy with rounding up their sheep from the mountains, this is a combined job of several days and dozens of people, gathering up several thousands of sheep. Hard work, but has it’s joy too. Heimir regards it as a priority to go help out with this, it is a big man’s job and people help each other.

Pictures taken when the family went to sheep corrals in the area, to see sheep just herded from the mountains.  Heimir had helped friends of ours in rounding up the sheep, had had very busy 2 days, walking ca. 20 km. total by foot, in rain, sleet, and then good weather.  It is fun and good for young people to work and help the adult doing important jobs out in the nature and on the farms 🙂
I meant to go bake for the birthday, changed that into training horses. Took a young one on his first ride on the road, which he handled perfectly. Took 3 horses on a ponying tour, keeping them in shape untill we round up our horses from the mountains. Then I went to the sheep corral with Orri Sigurbjorn (6) to see sheep and fetch Heimir home.

Orri Sigurbjorn :)

Orri Sigurbjorn 🙂

Here is a little part of the group of sheep 🙂

This evening, lots of people in the area meet in the swimming pool, several of the sheep farms have dozens of helpful guests these days, and the showers in the pool are a fast way to get every sweaty round-up-er clean, and the hot tup is a super place to chat in. Tonight there will be a huge party/life music at the community center, to celebrate the sheep round ups 🙂 One busy but good day 🙂 The life I always dreamed of 🙂

Heimir. A sheep farmer to be?

Having fun with a friend and a sheepherd's stick.


Heimir having a good time with the other teenagers 🙂

The “almenningur” (where the mixed group from the mountain goes) on the left hand side, some of the farm pens on the right hand side, some of the mountain areas where the sheep just were, in the background.

Here is a 6 year old starting to learn the drill, he is a sheep farmer’s son.

A farmer is looking at the sheep with his grandson, “I wonder if these are mine” (the sheep are ear tagged so you can identify the owners).


The kids put in their share, here is a boy taking a sheep from the big group, to one of the smaller pens (each farmer has their pen in the corral, and the main, mixed group of sheep, is in the middle of the corral, you have to hand pick the sheep).

Orri Sigurbjorn, enjoying the scenery 🙂

Ylur likes to go out on fun rides with his friends ponied, it is fun for him to have company, I can always clearly feel that.

“See, I have 6 legs” says Ylur 🙂