Láki, my husband, has a big hobby besides the horses, and that is birds, and he ringmarks a huge number of birds each year (then the birds get a little light harmless ring on their leg, and other people that see them in other places in the world notify nature institutions, so their travels can be tracked, and this helps nature research a lot, which also helps people understand and help the birds).  The boys help him too, and here you can see Orri hold a chick with his brother, and then release it. 

Heimir started working a bit on a tractor, by himself, this spring, he’s dragging this contraption to raise the small grass and to crush dung into smaller bits, so the grass grows better and fertilizer works better. 

The horses are having a good life, Feykivinda had a pretty black colt, and the young horses in the pasture were very interested in looking at me and looking at her.

At the end of the day, it’s good to sleep.  The boys have two seperate rooms, but after all, sleeping together has it’s charm.