We had a lovely foal the other day, a colt. His mother is Elísa from Langhúsum, evaluated with 7,68. We bred her to an unevaluated stallion last year,
IS2007157006 – Hvítserkur frá Sauðárkróki. Hvítserkur was evaluated the other day, 5 years old, with 8.07 in main score, three 9´s in the talent scores (f.ex. 9 for tolt), 8.26 for conformation, and he’s got flying pace to show later. So we are very happy with our breeding decision that time 🙂
He is for sale, a young excellent riding horse prospect, with a very raised neck and he’ll tolt like flying the wind and with lots of footlift, with these parents. He’s 200 000 isk (1200 EUR), (1500 $), and we help with all the export process, it’s easy.